Our Trip to the New York State Fair, Part Two


Okay, so when we had left off from the last post (if you haven’t read it yet, click here), Greg and I had already visited quite a bit of the fair. But there was still a ton to see, so get ready for lots of pictures.

Here we go:

We visited the petting Zoo, one of our favorite places at the fair. Because a small cup of carrots for feeding the animals was $6.00 (!), we decided just to walk around and take a look–besides everyone else was feeding the animals, so it’s not like they were going without. Since Greg is the animal lover of the family (one of the many reasons I love him), I let him take the lead and I followed along with the camera.

This guy was the first animal you see as you enter the petting zoo and he was all too happy to reach out that long tongue to grab a carrot from people

These guys were a little annoyed that the giraffe was so popular

Greg made a new friend

Probably no one should mess with him

Just plain gorgeous

Just chillin’

Greg pet this sheep until the sheep fell asleep

He kept an eye on the exit of the petting zoo

Near the petting zoo lies the train tracks and a bunch of old train cars that form an exhibit of what train-riding was like decades ago. Typically, we skip this part of the fair, but Zoey has been showing some interest in trains lately (we can hear a train whistle from our house) and we thought she might like to see the pictures.

The cool thing about these cars is that two of them are open for the public to walk through–and the first one is set up as a home–apparently it was used by a super-rich family when they traveled. But dear God, the feeling of claustrophobia in there was CRAZY. I was glad to get through that car and into the more roomy general ticket-holders car.

Our next stop was to get a drink and we found an open building with live music, which is always a plus in our book. This guy was playing requests people chose from a list left on the tables in front of him. Greg requested ‘Chicken Fried’ by Zac Brown Band, and let me tell you something–this guy rocked it!

TJ Sacco–he sounds like Jimmy Buffett

We stayed and listened to a few of his songs, but then realized that time was getting away from us (we had to be back home around five-ish to pick up Zoey from my mom’s house). So, we headed back to the midway. On the way there, we stopped for a second to watch taffy being made:

I hope his hands are clean

Packaged and ready to go

Neither Greg nor I are taffy fans, but for some reason, I always like to see the taffy machines working when I’m at the fair–probably because I’ve seen them at the fair since I was a little girl (there has only been a handful of years that I haven’t visited the fair). It’s just a place my family always went for a whole day–from before they started the rides in the morning to around suppertime. And then we’d all climb in the car and be completely exhausted. With Greg and I, it’s a little different; we’ll go for a few hours, get something to eat, have our fill of the fair and then head home–pretty much still exhausted but NOT as tired as we would have been had we stayed as long as my family used to on fair day.

Jeez, is that it? Nope. I still have pictures and stories from the midway to share with you. Part three up soon.


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