10 Years


10 years ago today, my family lost someone special, my sister lost her husband/best friend and my nephew and niece lost a father.

10 years ago today,  I realized that everyone in your life–no matter how small their part–can leave a big hole when gone.

10 years ago today, I watched my sister stand tall as she started an unexpected chapter in her life as a widow and a single mom.

Since that day, fond memories have been revisited, shared and strengthened with my nephew and niece–so that they will ALWAYS remember their dad.

Since that day, my sister found love again with someone who respects and supports her need and want to honor her first husband.

Since that day, my nephew and niece have grown into amazing teenagers, of whom their father, I’m sure, would be proud.

I now understand that life is so incredibly precious and family is too important to take for granted.

I now understand that even if someone is taken way too soon from you, the memories of that person will keep them with you forever.

I now understand the complete meaning of strength and dignity and that’s all I see when I look at my sister, Colleen.


In memory of Shawn T. Kays, who passed away in a car accident ten years ago today. You were taken too soon, but you are remembered and loved by so many.

In honor of my sister, Colleen, who takes a deep breath and weathers every storm with a ridiculous amount of dignity. I can only hope to be as strong as you clearly are. And for my nephew and niece, who are just. plain. awesome. Hugs to all.

We love you,

The Preble Road Crew



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