Parenting Writing Prompt Thursday


Every Thursday, I post a writing prompt that focuses on either parenting or family, as well as my answer. And then I hold my breath and pray that you readers will post your own responses to the prompt in the comments section.

Here we go.

Provide a snapshot of your child(ren) at this point in time.

My answer:

Zoey is just a couple of months over 2 years old. She currently weights 25.8 lbs and is 36″ tall. She’s pretty much completely into 24-month- and 2T-size clothing. She wears size 6 sneakers (a recent change after a sudden growth spurt) and size 4 diapers.

Her nicknames are Princess, Peanut and Monkey.

Her favorite TV shows are the Fresh Beat Band, SpongeBob SquarePants, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jack’s Big Music Show.

Her favorite meal is macaroni and cheese and hot dogs (although she loves pretty much any pasta and her Daddy’s garlic chicken). Her favorite snacks are popcorn, goldfish crackers and Oreo cookies.

She prefers juice to water and LOVES soda (we only give her about an inch in the bottom of her Big Girl cup).

She loves animals, mermaids and stickers.

At home, she likes to run fast through the living room, pretend to call her Grandma Hoose on her play phone and read books.

And as I was writing this, Zoey got out her play laptop and started ‘working’ on it like Mommy. OMG the cuteness.

Please write your response to the prompt in the comments section.


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