Pediped Originals Kids Shoes Review


I’ve said it before and I’ll inevitably say it again, the best kids products are developed by parents, who are just trying to give their children the best. In the case of Pediped Originals footware, Angela and Brian Edgeworth started looking for quality footware for babies after their daughter was born. The main characteristics they wanted in the shoe was something comfortable that their child could wear inside or outside and that would allow their baby’s feet to grow and learn to walk.

Here’s what I like about these shoes: they’re soft and pliable enough that babies that are new to walking will be comfortable while taking their first steps. Even Zoey, who frequently rips shoes off  (and only one sock, for some reason) to run around barefoot, enjoys wearing these shoes.

The sizes of the Originals line range from 0-24 months and feature flexible leather material with a foam insert between the layers of leather for extra comfort. The toe area is roomy enough so little tootsies can easily move, grip and feel the floor–most important when a child is learning to walk.

And on top of all of that, these shoes are just plain adorable.

The little flower on the side for girls, the masculine colors for boys–these shoes allow your child to stay comfortable while also allowing them to be stylish at their young age. Miss Zoey has worn the above pictured shoes quite often recently when we’ve gone to the store or to visit family. And I have to say, even strangers at the store made comments about the adorable shoes she was wearing. Even family members have asked me where I had found them.

Bottom line: if you want your child to have something comfortable to wear while they learn to walk, check out these shoes.  Go ahead and sign up to become a pediped insider on their site to be the first to know about special promotions and more.

I, in no way, received any type of compensation for this review.

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