Getting Ready for Halloween, Part Two


If you want to get caught up by reading part one, click here.

When we left off, Zoey, Greg and I had just bought our pumpkins and were heading home. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think Zoey would be into the whole scooping and carving thing where the pumpkins were concerned. She tends to be hesitant of a lot of new things–especially those that are kind of icky (with the exception of playing in dirt. She’s always up for that regardless of where we are). So, I figured we’d open the first pumpkin, let her have a glimpse of the innards and she’d look at Greg and I and say, “No,” in that annoyed, two-year old way that she has mastered.

Oh boy, I was TOTALLY wrong.

She was all about shoving her hand into the goo and pulling it out.

Sometimes it took lots of concentration:

She loved grabbing the seeds and other gook and putting them in the plastic bag, Daddy held up for her:

This is the part we really didn’t expect, though:

She liked eating the pumpkin seeds–straight out of the pumkin. Oh dear.

So, we had four pumpkins in all–one for Zoey, one for Greg and two for me (I needed a big one and a little one for my jack o’ lantern idea). Here’s how they came out:



And mine:

Greg got his and Zoey’s pumpkin face ideas off the internet and I got the idea for mine out of Woman’s Day magazine. In the magazine, they used a gourd instead of a little pumpkin and they didn’t actually hallow it out like I did with the above little pumpkin. I think all of our pumpkins came out pretty cool, though.

For more pictures from our pumpkin carving, click here.

Up next, pictures from our Halloween night.


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