Our Halloween 2012 (In Pictures)


Halloween morning, I dropped Zoey off at my mom’s house to spend the day. Zoey’s BFF was home sick, so it ended up being a special Grandma/Zoey day. I had sent popcorn for a snack and a special Dora the Explorer Halloween book for them to read together. And while they were putting up Halloween decorations at my mom’s house, I went to Walmart to buy some frilly socks to complete Zoey’s Minnie Mouse costume–which she was so excited about wearing up until it was actually time to put it on.

Later that afternoon, Greg and I went together to pick up Zoey. When we got to my parents’ house, we found that they’d finished decorating the part of the driveway where the trick or treaters would pass to get to the back door of the house:

Straw man with jack o’ lantern head in their van

Creepy oversized spider on top of their van

While Greg snapped the above pictures, I went inside and started to work on wrestling Zoey into her costume. She was MUCH more interested in holding her pumpkin basket than getting her costume on:

She thinks shoes are overrated anyway

When she was done getting dressed, she started to get into the spirit of things:

Where’s my candy, GUYS!!!

Trick or treat

The only thing was, she refused to put on the little headband the included the Minnie Mouse ears–the most adorable part of the costume. Look, we’ve had this costume at our house since the beginning of October and she’s been playing with the headband for that long–she LOVED putting it on every time she found it sitting on the kitchen table, but during that time she wasn’t entirely sold on wearing the dress part of the costume. Then on Halloween, she totally does a 180 and decides the dress is fine, but the headband isn’t okay. Toddlers.

After she collected candy from Hoose (what she calls my mom) and Grandpa Hoose, we piled in the car and headed to Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house.

Miss Minnie Mouse (without the dreaded headband)

We ate pizza and wings–and, in Zoey’s case, pistachios–for dinner. Zoey was SO excited that her Aunt Kim and cousin Lisa were there, but she still wasn’t about to put on the Minnie Mouse ears.

So we found someone else to wear them:

Reason 34,342,556,503 why I love Greg: he let me take this picture of him knowing full-well it would end up on the blog

Zoey thought Daddy looked funny, but still wasn’t interested in the headband. She was much more interested in playing with Lisa and the cat:

If we hide down here, they won’t make me put the headband on

And then, as per usual at Grammy Karen and Grampy Emmett’s house, a random drum circle erupted between Grammy Karen and Zoey:

Future Fresh Beat Band member

Rockin out

But if you asked Zoey, she’d probably say that her favorite part of Halloween was getting to try root beer for the first time:


We hung out at Karen and Emmett’s house and then eventually headed home. We had decided that we weren’t going to take Zoey to different houses for trick or treating this year because 1. it was really cold and rainy and 2. she doesn’t eat a lot of candy as it is. Next year will be a whole different story–we’ll do the whole trick or treating thing. But, this year, we wanted a bit of a quieter Halloween.

We had a fantastic time and naturally, I took a billion pictures of Zoey in her costume. Doesn’t she just make the most adorable Minnie Mouse you’ve ever seen?

For more pictures from Halloween, click here.


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