Thanksgiving 2012 (In Pictures)


The day started out in the usual way–Miss Zoey snuggled with Greg and I in our bed while we watched the news. Then we headed downstairs to make breakfast and to start preparations for the big Thanksgiving meal that we were going to have later in the day at my sister, Colleen’s house.

I had been charged with making the macaroni salad and baked beans, both of which are really easy. But then, being me and for pretty much no reason other than that, I decided to make TWO macaroni salads–one with tuna fish and peas (Greg’s favorite) and one with just mayonnaise and lots of veggies (my favorite). So while I started on the salads, Zoey brought some toys out into the kitchen to play with on the floor next to me.

And then the parade started on TV. The first act was a bunch of cheerleaders doing a huge dance routine. Zoey was completely taken with them, her eyes glued to the TV as the boys threw the girls into the air.

I said, “Holy moly, did you see how high she went?” She didn’t even take her eyes off the TV; she simply nodded and yelled, “Yeah!”

Satisfied that she was interested in watching the parade, I went back to working on the salads.

Then a couple of seconds later, she came running out into the kitchen and exclaimed, “Holdy moldy, she jump high in air!”

I couldn’t help but grin.

The thing that annoyed me about the parade is the for the first half hour or so, they showed Broadway acts while the news hosts waited for the parade to get near their booth. It was tough for Zoey to keep even remotely interested in the theater after the cheerleaders and their high jumpers were done. She was convinced one of the shows that performed was The Cosby Show (because they were dancing like the cast of The Cosby Show does during the beginning credits), but other than that, she wasn’t all that interested.

Until the parade actually started.

First up, the Hello Kitty balloon.

Zoey lost her mind.

She gasped and then yelled, “Heddo Kiddie!!!” Then she proceeded to wave and say hello to Hello Kitty.

She was also excited to see Buzz Lightyear, The Elf on the Shelf, Dora the Explorer and Boots and MICKEYMOUSEOMG. And there was Santa. SANTA! I made a big deal about him because this is the year we introduce Zoey to Santa and the elves and reindeer and all that stuff. So, I waved and called to him and acted like he was a long-lost friend. Aaaannnnddd Zoey looked at me like I was the biggest weirdo in the world. Seriously, she gave me a look that I am sure I will see over and over again when she’s a teen. It’s the kind of look that makes you feel sort of self-conscious even thought she’s just a little kid–like maybe you’re not cool enough to be in her club or something.

But you know what? Later on, when she saw a commercial for something and it had Santa on it, she lost her mind with excitement. So there. Mission accomplished.

So, salads and baked beans made, showers taken (Greg helped Zoey hold her arm up while I, in shorts and a t-shirt, stood in the bathtub with her and washed her while she sat in a pool of bubbles), we headed off to my sister’s house.

Zoey was beyond excited at being able to play with her little cousins. As soon as we got there, she was swept up by Keagan and Rowan as they rushed away to play with mermaid dolls and other games. At one point, Zoey came out of one of their bedrooms with a Minnie Mouse balloon and at another time, she brought me a baby doll she had found. Clearly, she thought Thanksgiving at Aunt Colleen’s house was the BEST.

But it got even better for Zoey because when we ate dinner, she got to sit with the big girls at their very own table–complete with placemats made by Keagan and Rowan.

And here’s the rest of the family sitting at the adult table:

And let’s not forget the BEST part; the food:

The food was fantastic. The wine was fantastic. The company was fantastic. We ended up staying for hours and hours until Zoey started fussing and it was clear that skipping her nap (because she was playing with her cousins) was a very, very, VERY bad thing. And she proved that point by sort-of-on-accident/sort-of-not beaning me in the eyebrow with a Wii remote before we left and then falling asleep during the ten-minute car ride home.

It was a really awesome day. Thank you to Colleen and Seth for, once again, opening their home to all of us on Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time.

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