Zoey Moments #30, #31 and #32



Last night, Greg, Zoey and I were listening to music and Greg started pretending that he was playing the air guitar. Zoey watched him for a couple of minutes, giggled and then exclaimed, “Da da rock and roll!”

Then she stood up from the couch and started playing her version of air guitar with him.



We have a new cat, who is incredibly skittish and spends most of his time hiding under an extra bed in our walk-in closet (don’t worry, the closet is big enough to be another small room. The bed is in there because we had no where else to put it when our guest room became Zoey’s room). The other day, Zoey and Greg were upstairs talking to Killian, our new cat, in an effort to get him to come out from under the bed.

Zoey said, “Kiyan, Kiyan.” She pointed to Greg, “Dis Geg.” She pointed to herself, “I Zoey,” she added. Apparently, Zoey felt that if she took the opportunity to introduce herself to the cat, Killian might feel more at home.



Zoey went upstairs to her room to get a toy she was looking for (she’s really good on our stairs and we had the baby monitor on so we could hear every step she took upstairs. We’re trying to give her a little more freedom if she wants to play in her room). When she came back downstairs, she told Greg and I that she had seen a mouse. Naturally, I was horrified because our cat, Tilly, has gotten into the habit recently of bringing mice INTO the house to basically play with before eating (grossgrossgrossgross). Also, mice are just plain yucky.

So I begged Greg to go upstairs and check out THE SITUATION (this would definitely be a code red in our house) and dispose of any mice if necessary while I stayed in the safety of the living room downstairs–probably sitting on the couch with my feet pulled up off the floor so no mice could get me.

Upstairs my brave man and my little girl went to find the mouse that I was mentally berating Tilly for bringing into the house. They got into Zoey’s room, Greg looked around and asked, “Where’s the mouse?”

At this point, Zoey tapped her index finger against her chin, tipped her head to the side and said, “Hmmmmm,” thoughtfully as she looked around the room.

Turns out there was no mouse (Thank God!). Zoey had actually made up the story so Daddy would go upstairs and play with her in her room.



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