Elf On the Shelf 2012: Day Two


Yesterday morning, we found our elf, Finn, on the back of Greg’s chair, all snuggled up under one of my knitting squares with a pot holder as a pillow.

It appears he got my Knifty Knitter out of my knitting bag in the kitchen and dragged it in the living room (as evidenced by the unraveled yarn leading from the kitchen to the chair in the living room). From there, he propped the Knifty Knitter up on the arm of the chair and used it as a ladder to get to the top of the chair.

I made a big deal about Mr. Finn to Zoey when she woke up in the morning by saying, “Wait until you see what Finn did downstairs!” That seemed to do the trick because she actually seemed much more into the whole elf thing this morning (Thank God!). She especially liked that Finn was using one of her striped socks as a security blanket while he slept:

And she was totally into waking him up by saying, “Good morning, Finn!”

The more she gets into it, the more this whole experience is going to rock.


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