Elf On the Shelf 2012: Day Three


Yesterday, Zoey found our elf, Finn, sitting in a rocking chair on top of her little table. He was cuddling with two of the dolls from her dollhouse under (yet again!) one of my knitting squares. There were big stacks of books around them like maybe they were reading all night?

Zoey found them when we woke her up and pulled her out of bed in the morning because she had to go to Grandma Hoose’s house so Greg and I could go to work. She was only half awake, in a grouchy mood and had a serious case of bedhead (that I found adorable, by the way), which meant she had no interest in silly things like Elves who read to dolls (even though her mommy thought the idea was incredibly clever).

But then when it was time to go to see Grandma Hoose (whom Zoey lovingly refers to as, “HOOSE!”), she wanted to take Finn, the elf, the rocking chair and the two dolls with her. So we packed them in her bag with the rest of her toys that she insists on taking daily.

See? She’s slowly coming around to this elf thing. Right? Right?

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