Elf On the Shelf: Day Eight


This day was a special day because I spent the entire day out of town and Zoey spent the day with Greg. To celebrate the start of the day (and because Zoey had asked for them the day before and I had told her no because we didn’t have time to start–and then I got the idea for Finn), our elf ‘borrowed’ my truck and went to Dunkin Donuts to pick up some munchkin donuts for breakfast.

Greg told me later that Zoey was having a lazy morning that morning and had no intention of getting out of bed to eat breakfast. She ended up in our room (most likely to snuggle with Greg and watch cartoons on our tv.) So, Greg had to carry the elf and the donuts upstairs and explain to her that Finn got them for her. Zoey thanked Finn and then proceeded to eat the donuts in our bed–we found lots of crumbs later.

When I called from NYC to check on things later on the day, Zoey told me all about Finn and the donuts. OMG the cuteness.


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