Elf On the Shelf: Day 17


Apparently, Mr. Finn decided to have a house party. We found him sitting on top of a Christmas house decoration that we had gotten as a present last year.

Finn was holding Zoey’s kazoo thingy and a flashlight–we’re unsure if that was to call all of the toys to the party or because he was busy being the life of the party.

The snowman at the door was playing bouncer; the cars out front give the impression that it was quite a rockin’ party.

Another view of the party house:

We had kind of a crazy morning yesterday–to the point that Greg and I forgot to remind Zoey to look for Finn. And since he was sitting on the house kind of out of the way, we all forgot about him (sorry Finn!) until I picked Zoey up after I got out of work and we got home.

I was still putting down/sorting out all of the various tote bags that accompany Zoey and I every day when Zoey (who had run in the living room as soon as we got home) yelled, “Mama!”

“What, Honey?” I replied, leaving the totes in a pile in the kitchen in order to walk in the living room and see what she wanted.

She pointed to Finn and the house where they sat on top of a speaker–a big grin on her face.

I lifted her up so she could see the view of the house and the cars from above.

And when Greg got home, the first thing Zoey did was show him where Finn was.

A super-huge thanks to the love of my life, Mr. Gregory Lang, for this elf placement–as well as surprising me by cleaning the living room and kitchen and making me coffee yesterday morning. I think I’ll marry that man.



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