Elf On the Shelf Day Eighteen – Twenty-Four


Ugh. Due to technical difficulties that we weren’t expecting, my posting of Elf pictures on here got seriously interrupted. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t still doing it every day. And now that we’re back online, I’m ready to share the rest of our EOtS ideas. Here we go:

Day Eighteen:

Mr. Finn was found playing with Zoey’s toy cars and the car ramp that her Grandpa Hoose made for her.

This, clearly, was one of Zoey’s favorite days to find Finn. She thought it was SO neat how he had been playing with her cars.

Day Nineteen:

Finn got into Zoey’s bag of M&Ms and made a smiley face out of them on top of our laptop.

Alright, you know what? There are mornings when Mommy is tired and the idea she had with Finn and the M&Ms isn’t working and the only Plan B she can come up with is this. So, yeah, it wasn’t our best. But Zoey liked sampling the M&Ms.

Day Twenty:

We couldn’t find Finn at our house on the twentieth day. But when I dropped Zoey off at her Grandma and Grandpa Hoose’s house, we found that Finn had visited them. Zoey found Finn in their Christmas tree.

Miss Zoey just grinned at Finn when she found him.

Day Twenty-one:

We found Finn sitting in my bag, holding my work badge–maybe he wanted to make sure I didn’t forget it?

This was the morning after Zoey had been sick all night. Because I had been busy snuggling and, er, cleaning up puke with Greg, we hadn’t had time to setup a good idea–especially since she spent the night with me downstairs where we typically put Finn in the morning. So, I had to come up with something quick. Zoey felt so crappy, she didn’t care that Finn had even made an appearance at all.

Day Twenty-Two:

Finn was found getting his picture taken with some of his new friends–Zoey’s other toys. I’m not sure why the troll doll is naked, but he’s apparently also the photographer.

Here’s the picture the troll doll took:

Zoey liked this one–and I felt I sort of redeemed myself for the lame idea from the day before.

Day Twenty-Three:

We found Finn hanging from the Christmas lights we have strung around our living room.

I had an awesome idea planned for this day, but then I got sick and the idea of putting together this idea I had in mind just seemed like too much. So, I’ll be honest, I kind of phoned this one in and then went back to bed.

Zoey wasn’t sure what to think about Finn hanging on the Christmas lights, which made me wish I had done the other idea because I know she would have LOVED it. But it just didn’t work out. Maybe next year. Sigh.

Day Twenty-Four:

The last day of Elf On the Shelf. Finn showed up in Zoey’s lunchbox when I dropped her off at Grandma Hoose’s house for the day:

The note says:

Zoey, Thank you for letting me visit. I have to go back to the North Pole tonight, but I left you a special treat in this bag–and some stickers too! You are such a good girl and I know Santa will bring you toys and fill your stocking tonight. See you next December. Love, Finn. P.S.–You can share your treat with Hoose and Grandpa if you want to.

The green felt bag was filled with mini Reeses peanut butter cups.

Zoey thought this one was awesome and later on that morning, my mom sent me a picture on my cell phone of Finn and Zoey playing with the Christmas stickers Finn had brought her.

So we lived through our first Elf On the Shelf experience. He visited all twenty-four days (which I’m pretty proud of) and Greg and I had a good time making a big deal about it for Zoey. Will we do it again next year? ABSOLUTELY! Am I glad, though, that it’s over for this year? ABSOLUTELY!

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