Our Christmas 2012, Part One (In Pictures)


So, our Christmas actually started on Christmas Eve when Greg, Zoey and I went to our dear friends’ house–Kim and Dave have a Christmas Eve party every year and we always make sure we go for at least a little while. It’s our chance to see a lot of Greg’s family and friends that we don’t necessarily see during the year.

At the party last year, Miss Zoey was so incredibly shy. She barely talked to anyone and if anyone looked her way, she crawled up into my lap and buried her head in my shirt. But this year….holy moly, you guys, she was a totally different kid up there. This year, she spent her time spinning in circles in Kim and Dave’s living room, giving people high fives, answering the question about what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas and just generally charming the socks off of everyone. She drank a lot of soda (much more than we usually give her) and discovered the wonder of mini hot dogs as an appetizer.

When Kim’s cousin started playing guitar and singing, Zoey was a little miffed that she wasn’t allowed to play guitar with him, but then she decided she was satisfied to stand right directly in front of where he was sitting on a stool and clap after every song. Then Greg started signing with the guy and Zoey was entranced. If the guy had sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or something from The Fresh Beat Band, Zoey probably would have wanted to marry him.

When we got home from their house, Zoey took about five minutes to lay out her stocking and decide what treats to leave for Santa and his reindeer before she announced that she was tired and wanted to go to bed (for the record, she left out two Oreos and a big girl Minnie Mouse cup of milk for Santa and two baby carrots for the reindeer–the kind of treats and number were totally up to her). And then Greg and I went to work wrapping her presents and stuffing her stocking.

The next morning, Zoey wasn’t entirely into the idea of Christmas and presents right away. In fact, being quite possibly the worst morning person in the world, she asked me to bring everything upstairs to her room so that she wouldn’t have to get out of bed. Quite the princess, eh? Obviously, Greg and I didn’t do that and once we got her downstairs and she saw her stocking and all of the presents, she must have decided this Christmas thing wasn’t all that bad because she started to get into the spirit of things.

She picked out the Tinkerbell stocking herself

Our tree. The beads on the one side are courtesy of Zoey’s decorating skills.

Of course, one of the first things she noticed that morning was that Santa and the reindeer had eaten her treats:

Then it was time to check out the stocking:

Last year was our first year of doing a stocking with Zoey, but she was too young to be into it. This year, being exactly two and a half on Christmas day, it was a different ballgame with her. She was totally into the idea of Santa and Rudolph and all of that, which made it fun, but also kind of made Greg and I step up our game when it came to getting awesome stuff for her stocking. But that doesn’t mean we went overboard money-wise. In fact, a lot of Zoey’s favorite toys that she got in her stocking we found at the dollar store (see the tiara and stickers in the picture above). And we didn’t get her a lot of candy for her stocking because she doesn’t typically eat a lot of candy during the year and what she does get seems to sit just around on our kitchen counters. We did get her a few pieces, which we quickly learned she felt the need to open and eat as soon as she pulled them out of her stocking.

She pulled everything out of her stocking and then we moved onto her presents. So, here’s the thing, we had asked her a couple times what she wanted Santa to bring her. Her reply? A Barbie doll and a microphone (a play one). We were pretty surprised that she wanted such specific things, but every time we asked her the same question about what Santa should bring, she answered the same thing.

Here she is opening the Barbie doll:

Added bonus: the barbie came with a little puppy that looks a lot like one of Zoey’s stuffed animals. So, the puppy was named Arf Arf just like she had named her stuffed animal.

Here she is in her chocolate-face glory opening a couple of books (the one she’s staring at is about a mermaid–her ABSOLUTEFAVORITEOMG):


So, there was one extra-special present from Santa that Greg and I left for last. Here’s the back story: the Saturday before Christmas, Greg, Zoey and I were in Walmart, finishing up our Christmas shopping. We were cruising through the toy aisles in hopes that Greg and I could find something special that would be specifically from Santa for Zoey. THAT’S when Zoey told us for the first time that she wanted Santa to bring her a microphone. And then she spotted one–a Barbie microphone with a Barbie video camera that is all part of a play pack for being a reporter just like Barbie. Of course, being only two, she didn’t really understand when I told her maybe Santa would bring her one for Christmas and kept on moving down the aisle. In fact, she didn’t understand so much, she started crying because her little heart was just completely broken that we couldn’t get the microphone right then. What she didn’t know is that her daddy snuck it into the cart under her mommy’s jacket. And there was her special present from Santa.

Here she is opening it Christmas morning:

And this is her shrieking that she got the microphone:

And this is her singing her little heart out two seconds after opening the microphone:

DSC00998LOVE that chocolate face

Up next in part two: we go visiting family


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