Happy Birthday, Mr. Lang!


Today, one of my two favorite people (because the little girl we have is the other favorite) in the entire world turns, er, over twenty-five (heh) and I hope he has the most wonderful birthday EVER. Let me tell you a little bit about my Greg so you can see just how awesome he is: he’s funny, he can dance and oh my gosh ladies, he SINGS like a rockstar. Also, he COOKS LIKE A BOSS. And he empties the dishwasher. Without being asked. Seriously–one in a million, he is.

What else?

He gives me hugs when I’m down, encourages me when I have one of my grandiose ideas that inevitably won’t work out and he makes me laugh all of the time.

He started his own business to help support our family and he’s the first person there when someone he knows needs help or a shoulder to cry on. He’s a champion for those who cannot help himself and an advocate for equality, human rights and humane treatment of animals.

And let’s not forget he’s the MOST AWESOME DAD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Take this past Friday, for example: my mom was sick and couldn’t want Zoey for the day. So, when I got the call from Mom, I woke Greg up around six in the morning to see if he could hang out with Zoey for the day–he didn’t hesitate for a second. And later when I was at work, he sent me a picture of Miss Zoey all snuggled up under blankets on our bed–she was eating popcorn and watching the news with Daddy.

Later on in the day, they colored in her coloring book and watched the Fresh Beat Band together. Zoey had such a wonderful day with her Daddy; she told me all about it when I got home from work.

I watch Greg play with Zoey or just listen to one of her rambling baby babble and I fall in love with him all over again. I see him snuggle with one of our dogs or experience him supporting me no matter what and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

He is my Greg; he is my everything. And I will love him forever.

Happy birthday to the most amazing man in the entire world. You deserve it.


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