Our Christmas and Birthday Celebration (In Pictures)


So, this past Sunday, we (Greg, Zoey and I) headed to Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house to celebrate Christmas and also Greg’s birthday (he turned over twenty-five. Heh). When we got there, the Redskins were playing (Karen’s favorite team), dinner was cooking and there were hugs all around. Zoey took time to check out  Grammy and Grampy’s little silver Christmas tree and Grammy’s Santa Clause collection before rockin’ out her slinky with Grammy Karen on their stairs:

But the allure of the presents in the corner of the living room proved to be too much for her and just a few minutes after starting with the slinky, Zoey was checking out the packages and telling us she was ready to open them.

I wish this picture hadn’t turned out blurry; Zoey is holding a stuffed bear that Karen and Emmett bought her with her name on the bear’s dress:

But the real hit of the night was the karaoke machine that Zoey got. She wasn’t sure what to think of it at first–like maybe it overwhelmed her a bit when we hooked it up and kept telling her to talk into the microphone. But then she and Greg were playing with it later on and all of the sudden, I heard, “Happy Birday, Dada,” over and over again on the microphone.

She can now sing along in stereo to all of her favorite Fresh Beat Band songs–and, of course, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Here’s the birthday boy and his dad (no family resemblance there, right?):

After dinner, a drum circle emerged (this happens a lot when we go to Grampy Emmett and Grammy Karen’s house) because Zoey loves going through Grammy Karen’s collection of instruments:

Zoey must have rocked out pretty crazy because after her drum session, she decided to mooch some fruit off Grammy Karen:

And then it was time for a book with Mommy. Naturally, we read one of the classics–SpongeBob SquarePants:

Look at this beautiful girl:

All three of us had a fantastic time. Super big thanks to Karen and Emmett for the wonderful dinner, Christmas presents and just plain good company.

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