Potty Training LIKE A BOSS


We’ve been working on potty training with Zoey for a little while now. We haven’t really pushed it with her because she hadn’t seemed too into the idea and she was still waking up with quite a full diaper in the morning—a slight sign that maybe she isn’t ready yet. But, at the same time, whenever she showed even the slightest interest in sitting on the Big Girl Potty (as we called it), we would gather up a pile of books to read and sit in the bathroom for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. It was rare when the trip was successful. Regardless, we still tried.

When we first started thinking about potty training, Greg and I were kind of grossed out by the whole idea of a baby potty chair. So, we were overjoyed when Grammy Karen and Grampy Emmett bought Zoey this:

Dora Super Style Pink Potty Seat

That’s what she used at our house whenever she wanted to try the potty. We loved it because it fit right on our toilet and there was no mess to clean up should she actually do something on there. And hello! It’s DORA THE EXPLORER on there!

But, after a while, Zoey didn’t really seem to want to use the potty seat.

During the day, Zoey is at my mom’s house where there is another little girl who is learning to potty train. The only difference is, Mom has one of those little potty chairs that Greg and I were trying to stay away from–and Zoey started showing more interest in that than the potty seat.


The other day, Greg was on his way to the store and I asked him to pick up a potty chair to see if that could make a difference in Zoey’s potty progress at our house. We agreed that probably we didn’t need anything all frilly-like or something that plays music (which I always thought was lame on a potty chair)–just a nice, plain little seat. Yes. Nothing crazy.

While at the store, he sent me a picture of this chair:

 3 in 1 Disney Princess Toilet Training Potty - by First Years

Oh. My. God. Frills AND it plays music. Naturally, when I saw the picture Greg had sent me, I called him right away. The following is our conversation:

Me: You didn’t buy that, did you?

Greg: It’s in the cart right now!

Me: But it plays music.

Greg: I know! Isn’t that cool!

And then I banged my head against my desk in frustration a couple times.

It turns out that this incredibly-girly chair was only four dollars more than the plain ones and when you pull that lever thing on the side, it makes magical wand noises. Seriously. But here’s the thing about that chair: when the child is a little older, the soft seat can be used on a Big Girl Potty AND when the top is closed, it becomes a step-stool for the child to use.

A multi-use princess potty? How could we say no?

When I got out of work that night and picked up Zoey from my mom’s house, I told her that Daddy had a super-special surprise for her when we got home. She was all excited and when she saw the box, she covered her mouth with her hands and said, “Oh my gosh!”

And then she insisted on sitting on it and reading her books for the next twenty minutes.

I think we have a winner.

Even if it plays magical wand sounds.


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  1. Love the potty story! We are currently (starting to again for the 2nd time) potty training our 2-1/2 yr old, but luckily for me he likes to stand up like big brother and Daddy. I hope Zoey keeps loving her princess seat. 🙂

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