The Crew In Review: A Whole Week of Stories, Part One


This week has seemed to fly by, which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel like we were all just caught up in a whirlwind of events and craziness. And now that it’s slowly starting to settle down, I finally have a chance to take a deep breath and review what all happened. Lucky for you guy, right?

This past Saturday, Zoey had her third swimming lesson and it was anything but stellar. She was all about the kick boards this time, still on the fence about the pool noodles and she didn’t understand why they just couldn’t play ring around the rosy over and over again while in the pool (there is a portion of the lesson where they sing songs while bouncing around in a circle in the water). And even that much could have been enough to handle if she hadn’t also decided in the past week to test all boundaries LIKE A BOSS and start throwing multiple tantrums IN THE MIDDLE OF THE POOL AT THE YWCA OMG. We’re talking a wriggling toddler, who is also screaming (her other new thing that we’re trying to nip in the bud), and complaining that she wants to sing ring around the rosy NOW.


I tried redirection. I tried encouragement and acting all excited at whatever game the teachers were trying to get the kids to do at that time. And when all that didn’t work, I went all parental at least twice and told her that if she didn’t start behaving, we were going to leave. And I even had to start towards the ladder to take us out of the pool twice. But as soon as she saw I was serious about getting out of the pool and going home, she stopped and we returned to the class with the understanding that she was to listen to her teachers.


The thing is, she loves her swimming lessons. But this new terrible twos stage that she’s going through is driving us absolutely nuts. We’re working on it and it’s a slow process, but man!  There is nothing that says ‘hey! Look at me and my crazy kid!’ like having your toddler scream at you in the middle of a swim class of well-behaved children playing London Bridge with two pool noodles.

After the swim lesson, Greg, Zoey and I went to MacDonalds for lunch and then to JoAnn Fabrics for some art supplies–I’m all about getting Zoey into creating and using her imagination. I have to say, the women that work at the JoAnn Fabrics in Cortland are really kind of nasty–the lady who waited on me at the register didn’t say a word to me the entire time. And when I was looking for a certain kind of yarn for crocheting, I actually saw an employee, start to walk by me, hesitate when she heard me telling Zoey I couldn’t find it, and then she kept walking. Fabulous customer service there, apparently.

But it doesn’t matter because we were able to get a few things that promised the potential for lots of art projects and family fun, which led to this in the afternoon:

Sunday, Zoey and I headed to Davids Bridal in Syracuse, where we met up with two of my sisters, my mom and my nieces for a an hour or so of trying on dresses for my younger sister’s upcoming wedding. The bridesmaid dress is beautiful, although I felt as big as a house in it, and I’m convinced I’m going to break my ankle walking down the aisle in those heels. Holy nelly. Regardless, the dress is lovely and the wedding is going to be gorgeous.

After dress shopping, Zoey and I went grocery shopping. Let me explain something about grocery shopping with Zoey: it is a rule that she sits in the front of the cart and if she is so inclined, she can help me put items in the cart. On this particular day, she hadn’t had a nap and was on the very verge of being cranky. But the shopping trip was actually going fine. Until we got to the check-out.

The store we went to was one of those ones that you have to switch carts at the register. It’s annoying and completely inconvenient when you have a toddler in your cart, but most stores like that are usually understanding and allow you to keep the cart that your toddler is already contained in. Not so here.

The cashier started ringing our stuff up like a speed demon and before I knew what was happening, she had loaded up the front seat of the new cart with bread and eggs and stuff that typically you don’t want to be crushed. Okay look, I understand her thinking here. I do. But clearly, if I have a child in the front seat of one cart, it’s pretty obvious that I’m going to put said child in the front seat of the other cart. So, I asked her if we could move the stuff to the back of the cart so I could, you know, PUT MY CHILD THERE. And she acted affronted that I had questioned her perfect cart packing skills. Seriously.

I told her I appreciated her putting the stuff up in the front, but I needed it free for my child. OMG the attitude from her, you guys. I had to tell her twice that I appreciated her trying to be helpful, but… And still, the attitude.

At this point, Zoey was about to lose her cool because she wanted full access to the blueberries container I had just bought even though I had no idea where it was in the cart. I was dealing with her and the cashier and trying to remember my debit card pin number all at once–at the same time that my cell phone started ringing. It’s amazing my head didn’t just explode at that point.

When I got home from grocery shopping, my nerves were completely on end. Greg was awesome enough to carry in the groceries from the car and help me put them away before we took off again to head to his cousin’s house for dinner.

And let me tell you: it was just what I needed. A glass of wine and complaining to Greg’s cousin’s wife, Candice, about my day. Zoey played with their daughters, Addy and Halley, and Greg hung out with his cousin, Cory, in the kitchen. It was just so nice to have dinner with another couple that have already been through the trials and tribulations of toddlerhood. And the food was amazing–Cory is a great cook–and as an added bonus, he sent us home with some of his homemade muffins:

Picture stolen from Cory’s Facebook profile

On Monday morning, I had a banana nut muffin and coffee for breakfast, which was, of course, HEAVEN.

Up next: Part Two of our crazy week. Stay tuned.


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