The Crew In Review: A Whole Week of Stories, Part Two


If you didn’t read the first part of our week of stories, you can check it out here.

Let’s get right to it:

This past Tuesday, Greg took my car to the garage to get an oil change and an inspection. This meant that he had to drop Zoey off at my mom’s house in the morning and then take me to work. Zoey thought it was just SO AWESOME that both Daddy and Mommy took her to Grandma Hoose’s house for the day because Mommy even sat in the backseat with her on the way there.

When we got to Mom’s house, Zoey popped her binky out of her mouth and said, “Mommy hold beebee.” I asked her if she wanted me to hold onto it for the day and she nodded. So, I told her I’d keep it in my pocket until we picked her up that night. And let me tell you–every time I happened to reach into my coat pocket during the day at work and felt that binky, my heart warmed.

She’s getting a little better about letting go of her binky. She doesn’t use it during the day at Mom’s house and typically, she only wants it at home when she’s about to go to sleep or she’s upset. We’re working on that.


Wednesday and Thursday, Zoey decided that she wanted to stay home with Daddy. Naturally, those days were filled with lots of games and fun and Greg was utterly exhausted when I got home from work. They had done dishes (Zoey played in the water), worked on laundry, played with Zoey’s toys, watched Fresh Beat Band videos and played on Greg’s keyboard.

At one point on Wednesday, Greg’s cousin, Cory, stopped by for a quick visit. Greg and his cousins are as close as brothers and so, Zoey refers to Cory as ‘Uncle Cory’. Apparently, while Greg and Cory hung out in the kitchen, Zoey stood just inside the living room, her little mind wandering while she stared at Uncle Cory with her finger up her nose. The. Entire. Time.

Greg noticed that Zoey was acting shy and jokingly asked her if Uncle Cory was her boyfriend. To both his and Cory’s surprise, she slowly nodded her head. But still wouldn’t say a word to Cory. And yet, as soon as he left, she asked, “Where’d Uncle Cory go?”


That night, Greg had to run to the store and as a special surprise, he bought me chocolate. Repeat: The. Man. Bought. Me. Chocolate. As a surprise. He’s definitely a keeper.

Last night, we went to Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house for dinner. As usual, Zoey ended up watching Fresh Beat Band videos while the adults chatted.

And of course, I whipped out the camera when Zoey started coloring with Grammy Karen:



We had a fantastic time and Zoey was so tuckered out that she fell asleep on me as soon we got home. Greg carried her up to bed and she snuggled under her blankets with her favorite stuffed animals–a dog named ‘Puppy’ and a cat named ‘Killian’ (both named by Zoey. Killian is named such because he looks just like our real cat by the same name).

We had a crazy week. But now it’s settling down into a stress-free, relaxing weekend. Hopefully. We’ll see.


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