Free Online Books Read to Kids


I never knew this existed. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED?!?! Thank God for setting me straight. Wanna know what I found? FREE books online that are read to kids while showing them the pictures. Seriously. It’s kind of like a cartoon for each book.

Don’t believe me? Head over to Barnes and Noble here and check it out for yourself. As of this morning, there are sixteen popular books that your child can enjoy FOR FREE.

So cool. So. Very. Cool.


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      • I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of this year and haven’t even registered a Pinterest account yet. I’ve been informed to allow 3 hours just to get started because there’s so much good stuff to find. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘wow! you’re not on Pinterest yet?’

      • 🙂 Once you get on there, you’ll inevitably get hooked. It’s so easy to find all kinds of stuff like ideas for things to do with your kids, recipes, crafts, etc. You’ll love it. 🙂

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