The Crew In Review: Our Weekend


After a relatively stressful week at work, I was more than happy to see the weekend arrive. Greg, Zoey and I had absolutely no plans, which is kind of rare anymore with her swimming lessons, visiting family, etc. So, I was looking forward to just chillin’ around the homestead for a while.

Saturday, all three of us just lazed around the house for the entire day. Playing, watching tv–just relaxing. Zoey’s swimming lessons were cancelled for this week, so we were able to stay at home the entire day. Sure, I had plans of working on our new super-huge home project–turning our downstairs office into a playroom. Did it happen? No. But that’s okay because I think all three of us needed a day like that–to just chill and enjoy each others company.

Sunday, we headed to Greg’s sister’s house for lunch. Naturally, when we got there, I promptly slipped on ice in their driveway and fell to my knees. I was carrying Zoey at the time and when I fell, her weight shifted so that, kind of in slow motion, she was suddenly falling backwards–and I couldn’t do a thing to stop it. It was like it happened in slow motion–her eyes on mine, a questioning look in them, my arms just totally giving out because you know, SHE’S A TODDLER AND JUST SECONDS BEFORE I HAD TRIED TO GET HER TO WALK ON HER OWN. I heard the tiniest little thud as the back of her head hit the ground.

And I freaked the hell out. I screamed for Greg, who was on the other side of the car, wrestling Zoey’s bag of toys out of the backseat. He rushed around the side of the car and was all, “What? What’s wrong?” Well, let’s see. I’m lying on the ground in the snow with Zoey. Is this normal? No. So MAYBE THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG!

I told him that we fell (obviously) and I told him to help me pick her up because I was still trying to get my legs underneath me. I was afraid she’d start crying from being scared, from her head hurting–oh God, her head had hit the ground. Was there blood? Should we call an ambulance? Thank God Greg’s sister is a nurse! Is Zoey okay? HER HEAD HIT THE GROUND. MY BABY! IS SHE OKAY?

I may have been panicking at this time.

Greg calmly picked Zoey up and managed to carry both her and the bag of toys into the house while I struggled to my feet.

When we got inside, I held Zoey tight and kept asking her if she was okay, but she kept looking at me like she had no idea what my problem was. Clearly, the thud had been no big deal and it had sounded much larger in my mommy mind than it really was. So, we got Zoey’s jacket off and she headed off to play with her cousin, Lisa, while Greg gave me a look that clearly said, ‘way to keep the calm for Zoey by shouting your fool head off.’ He’s totally right.

Zoey is fine; I skinned my knee and what have we learned from this? When it comes to my kid, I will freak out first and ask questions later.

We had lunch with Kim and Lisa and watched the NASCAR race. Zoey loved hanging out with Lisa in her room and playing with Lisa’s iPhone.

Zoey and Lisa. I didn’t even know this picture was taken until Greg went on Facebook last night and saw Kim had sent it to us. What an awesome surprise!

Kim and her husband, Kevin, own a farm with lots of cows. We’ve visited the cows before when Zoey was younger, but she was very, very excited to go today because a lot of their cows had just given birth and Zoey was excited to see the new calves. So, after lunch, we headed to the barn.

Zoey liked this muddy calf because he was drinking milk out of a bucket:

I don’t think he was too impressed with us

Zoey had to help Lisa feed some of the bigger cows:

Notice the difference in size of their bundles of hay

Feedin’ the cows

The cows liked Zoey:

The cows were all excited to eat their dinner. This one got maybe a little too excited:

There’s one in every group, right? Sorry for the dark picture. The camera was on the wrong setting.

Then we headed inside the barn to see a couple more calves.

Both calves were very ready to eat their dinner, but it wasn’t time yet. The funny thing is, they’re still being bottle fed, but Zoey was intent on trying to give them hay to eat.

Then we visited the BIG cows:

You never realize just how big a cow is until you put a toddler next to one

Naturally, Zoey tried to feed them:

We had an awesome time and even though it was incredibly cold out, Zoey wanted to stay FOREVER with the cows and continuing feeding them whether they wanted to eat or not. A super huge thanks to Kim for lunch and a special super huge thanks to Lisa for being just completely awesome with Zoey and taking her to see the calves.


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