St. Baldricks 2013, Part One


First of all, let’s hear it for Team Carol Freeland, who raised $2,730 dollars for childhood cancer research!! Greg, Cory, Pete, Jason, Mike and Keith–your family and friends and this here dog-and-pony-show blog are incredibly proud of you boys.

Oh my gosh, St. Baldricks was SO much fun this year. Just the same as last year, we made it into a whole day thing and it was totally worth it. And don’t worry–as promised, I took lots of pictures.

So, let’s get right to it:

For a couple of days right before St. Baldricks, Greg and I were a little worried because we had arranged for Zoey to spend the day with her Aunt Kim and cousin Lisa at their house, but then Lisa got sick. So we weren’t sure if Zoey was going to be able to go there or if (because we had no other alternative) we’d have to take her with us to the event. Down the road, I’d love if she did go with us to support her Daddy, but right now she’s a sort of too little for all of that. Thankfully, though, Lisa was feeling better by Sunday, the day of St. Baldricks and we dropped Zoey off right before lunchtime.

Honestly, I was a little anxious about dropping her off. Zoey is still sort of going through the clingy stage and she doesn’t like to be anywhere without Mommy or Daddy. The last time (granted, it was a while ago) that we dropped her off like this, she cried for the first few minutes and it ripped my heart out to have to walk out the door instead of comfort her. Because it has been quite a while since Greg and I have taken some time away together like this, I was sure Zoey would have a problem. It also didn’t help the fact that even though we had talked to her over and over again throughout the week about going to play with Aunt Kim and Lisa, she kept asking us to ‘go with her’. We kept patiently reminding her that Mommy and Daddy had a meeting to go to (because she’s too young to understand lunch and drinks with a bunch of people and then head shaving for charity) and then we’d pick her up afterwards.

“Go with me,” she kept saying and I worried that she’d be upset when we left.

Oh boy, was I wrong. We walked in the door to Greg’s sister’s house and Zoey was pretty much over us. We told her goodbye as she was heading to Lisa’s room to play. We may or may not have gotten a nonchalant goodbye wave over her shoulder. Possibly a quick glance. But she was clearly a hundred percent cool with being there and so, Greg and I took off before she changed her mind.

But for part of the way to lunch, I felt a little anxious because what if she had thought we were staying and that’s why she had been okay–and then when she realized we weren’t staying, she freaked out? To be perfectly honest, I had been so focused on Zoey’s possible anxiety about being separated from us that I totally didn’t even think that maybe I’D have anxiety from being separated from her. Turns out it’s something she and I both have to work on and become better at.


We met up with part of Team Carol Freeland and headed off to Syracuse for lunch on Tipperary Hill at Colemans.

Tipp Hill, in general, is very proud of it’s Irish roots. For example, this stoplight:

The green light is on the top as a salute to Irish heritage (which, by the way, was apparently a question on ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’). As I wrote last year in our St. Baldricks blog post, “The story goes that Tipperary Hill was settled mostly by Irish immigrants around 1860. When the street light was put in, the youth of the area weren’t happy to see the British red above the Irish green. So, they kept throwing rocks at the light until they broke the glass. When the glass was replaced, they did the same thing again until finally officials decided to put the green over the red in deference to the mostly Irish residents (thank you WIKIPEDIA).” I’m pretty glad that those officials finally gave up because the light has become such a big part of the allure of Tipp Hill.

Colemans, where we had lunch, only adds to that Irish pride:

Inside Colemans:

Naturally, Greg got into the spirit of things in the gift shop:

We met up with the rest of the team at Colemans and had an awesome lunch. Afterward, we went exploring a little to take pictures around the restaurant. The best part about Colemans is their nod to Irish folklore:

This is right inside the vestibule of the restaurant. In case you can’t read the sign, it says ‘Taxi Stand (Leprechauns only)

Outside, next to the main door to the restaurant, there’s this:

And, of course, in case they need to make a call:

And this is Mr. Wilson:

Mr. Wilson, Candice (Greg’s cousin’s wife) and I

After leaving Colemans, we went to a bar called The Blarney Stone (because OF COURSE there is a bar near Tipp Hill called that) and had a drink. Also, Candice and I discovered the world’s smallest bathroom (which is my way of snarkily saying that okay, I realize it was a bar, but the sink was in an alcove and you had to REACH UP for the soap dispenser because there was nowhere else on the wall to put it. Seriously). Also, if anyone opened the door to the bathroom–just to walk inside–they’d get, basically, a full view of everyone inside.Seriously.

After a quick drink, we headed to Kitty Hoynes to celebrate St. Baldricks.

Ready for more? Stay tuned for part two of our St. Baldricks experience, including lots of pictures of the team getting their heads shaved, some amazing people we met and, of course, a super-huge props to all of our donors.


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