The Lupus Walk 2013 In Pictures, Part Two


If you haven’t read the first part of our Lupus Walk 2013 adventure, check it out here.

Let’s get right to it:

So, after the kajillion pictures of the team and Zoey losing her mind over meeting the Build-A-Bear bear and consequently attempting to break into the Build-A-Bear store, we actually got some walking done:

L-R: Rowan, Zoey, Keagan and Cristy

The cousins

Occasionally, Zoey would fall behind so she could window shop:

A little girl in a BIG mall

But she always caught up to the group:

On the move. Notice the AWESOME Dora the Explorer sneakers that Zoey is sporting. We bought them the day before the walk–she picked them out herself.

The walk consists of three or four laps around the same level of the mall. After about a lap and a half, one of the volunteers for the walk stopped my mom and asked her if she would consider being interviewed for the Lupus Alliance website. Naturally, my mom agreed and we waited for her while she answered a few easy questions and told her story. Then it was back to the walk.

We couldn’t do all of the laps because the two little ones got tired halfway through (and carrying them got old FAST) and my mom’s leg was starting to hurt her.

We headed back to the food court to get ready for the raffles. Every year, my mom gets really excited about this part. This year, it was even more awesome because one of the other walkers ended up having to leave early and she gave my mom her tickets. Mom offered to take her phone number and call the lady if she won, but the lady insisted on just giving the tickets to mom. I took the following pictures while watching my mom listen for one of her ticket numbers to be called:

Did he say 0719 or 0715?

This is stressful

I didn’t win

So, while all of this was happening, a woman approached out tables and said she was from Syracuse Women magazine and she had seen our team with our awesome matching shirts and she wanted to know our story. She took a picture of our team, wrote down all of our names and said the picture would be with the story she was putting together about the walk in the next issue. So, stay tuned for more information on that.

After the raffles were done, the walk was pretty much over. Colleen, Skylar and I headed towards the carousel with the kids while Mom and Cristy held down the fort at our tables in the food court. On the way to the carousel, I saw a guy, who was a volunteer for the walk, with a shamrock painted on his head. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, I figured it would be just plain wrong not to get a picture of him:

He was a really good sport about me taking a picture of him

Okay, for more pictures from the Lupus Walk 2013, click here.

Stay tuned for pics from the carousel posted as Wordless Wednesday this week.


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