Our Easter Weekend, Part Three


Want to start at the beginning of our adventure? Read part one here and part two here.

Easter morning, Zoey woke up excited because she knew the Easter Bunny was supposed to have left her a basket full of goodies. Greg and I brought her downstairs and found her Easter basket sitting right in the middle of the kitchen table (maybe in future years the Easter Bunny will hide it, but he made it easy this year).

She was very excited about the stuffed animal, which just happens to look like the chick on her new favorite show, The Chica Show:

So, naturally, her new friend’s name is Chica.

After Zoey looked through her Easter basket, I started working on making food for Easter dinner at my parents’ house. I was in charge of making the macaroni salad and deviled eggs. As usual, I went waaaayyyy overboard and ended up making TWO macaroni salads–one with tuna fish and one without and marbled deviled eggs:

I’ll do a DIY post soon about how to make these. Super easy.

Also, I made on this monstrosity of a centerpiece:

Another DIY post in the works. Don’t worry–my mama taught me how to share.

Needless to say, I was busy and stressed because those little chicks in the picture above did NOT turn bright yellow from the dye like they were supposed to. They sort of turned a weird shade of orange/brown while they sat in the refrigerator overnight. So, I ended up having to hand-paint each on with Zoey’s Crayola paints. And that’s while I was making the macaroni salads, dying the eggs for marbled deviled eggs and picking up loose bits of straw from ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR.

But we finally made it to my parents’ house with everything in one piece and we all sat down to eat:

My sister Cristy salutes you with her chocolate milk

After dinner, it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt. The only problem was, it was pouring rain outside. Greg and I was hesitant to let Zoey go out in the rain because it was really coming down hard and it was cold. But her cousins were going and everyone, especially Zoey, was pretty excited, so I bundled her up in her winter jacket and out we went.

For the first time EVER, Zoey kept the hood of her jacket up. Even though her fingers were bright red with cold, she had fun looking for eggs:

I will say, though, that getting her to look for the first egg took a little coaxing. As soon as we got outside, she handed me her basket and climbed up the ladder of the slide at the playground. She sat on top of the slide for a couple minutes, telling me that she didn’t want to look for eggs; she wanted to play on the slide and swing on the swings. Apparently, she hadn’t noticed the freezing rain at this point.

My mom and I were able to coax her into going down the slide once and then looking for eggs with the other kids. But Zoey has made it clear in the last few days that she has every intention of visiting the playground area again when the weather clears up and the ground is dry–and hanging out on the slide. Little does she know, she’s going to have a whole summer of playing on that playground.

So, after everyone had found their eggs, we went back inside, pulled off our soaked jackets and muddy shoes and hung out in the living room while the kids opened their eggs to get their treasures.

After that, we all sat around the living room, talking and laughing, while the kids played. Thanks to Mom and Dad for hosting another wonderful Easter dinner and egg hunt.

Now one more picture:

Silly Greg hopes you had a nice Easter too


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