Afternoon with Grampy Emmett and Grammy Karen (Last Weekend)


Because of issues I was having with WordPress and craziness going in our lives, I didn’t do very much blogging at all last week. All this means is that I now have a few stories to tell–that really need to be told before I get to stories from the last couple of days. So, bear with me.

Here we go:

Last weekend, Grammy Karen and Grampy Emmett invited Greg, Zoey and I to go to Bass Pro Shop in Auburn to pick out a new life vest for Zoey and then out to lunch.

For those of you not familiar with Bass Pro Shop, it’s basically like a Dicks Sporting Goods store on steriods. They have everything you could possibly need for every possible outdoor activity–from fishing to boating to grilling to anything else you can think of. The place is HUGE. But Zoey’s favorite part of the store? Definitely the huge fish tank:

Zoey picked out her own life jacket–a pink one that says ‘Princess’ on the back and has a picture of a princess and a castle on the front. The life jacket is for her to use at Grampy and Grammy’s house because 1. they live on a lake that Zoey LOVES to swim in and 2. they own a boat that we end up spending a lot of time on during the summer. It’s all about keeping our Peanut safe while encouraging her love for the water, you know?

After we left Bass Pro Shop, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Now, for those of you who haven’t ever been there, Buffalo Wild Wings is like your average sports bar on CRACK. There’s not just a flat-screen mounted on each wall; there’s MULTIPLE tvs on each wall–right next to each other, each with a different sporting event playing. Seriously. From our booth, we counted at least twenty-two flat-screens and four projectors each playing football, golf, NASCAR and so much more.

There was a glitch with the computers in the kitchen and we had to wait a really long time for our food to be made. Aside from our occasional grumblings about ‘seriously? It’s a hamburger. They have to have their computer working to make a hamburger?’ we were all in good spirits about it. And Zoey, who was super-hungry, wasn’t grouchy at all because there was a game console affixed to the wall of our booth. She was happy to just keep pushing buttons–even though she couldn’t play any of the games because they all cost money (and what kind of mom would I be to insert some money to allow my two-and-a-half year old to play Texas Hold ‘Em).

After lunch (which, once we got it, was really good, by the way), we all climbed back into Karen’s car and headed to Skaneateles to walk on the pier.

The water was GORGEOUS:

Especially with the sun glistening on it:

The view, as usual, was awesome:

Grammy Karen gave Zoey a quarter to make a wish and throw in the water, but, at first, Zoey seemed more interested in maybe pocketing the quarter instead. But then, as our party was heading back towards dry land, Zoey decided to throw her quarter in the water.

She and I had kind of fallen behind everyone else when she stopped, looked at the water through the railing and told me she wanted to make a wish. I explained to her that it was her choice, but that if she threw in her quarter, it would be gone; we wouldn’t be able to get it back. At the same time, I told her that it was totally fine with me if she wanted to make a wish and throw it in.

She thought about it for a minute and then tossed the quarter in the water:0421131435Look toward the center of the picture to see her quarter in the water

Naturally, as soon as the quarter as submerged, she wanted to get in the water to get it. She even tried to talk Greg and I into putting her new life jacket on her (all the while taking off her sweater like she was getting ready to swim) so she could take care of business. Granted, it was warm out, but not THAT warm.

Daddy had to keep a close eye on her so she didn’t try sneaking into the lake to get her quarter:

Crazy girl

When we left Skaneateles, we headed back to Grammy and Grampy’s house to hang out on their dock for a while:

Zoey spent the time running between where Grammy and I were sitting on their steps to where Greg was standing at the end of the dock:

Every time she reached Greg, he would swing her up in the air while she giggled and squealed:

Thanks to Karen and Emmett for an awesome day–and sorry it took so long to post these pictures.

For more pictures from our day, click here.

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