Catching Up: Zoey’s Birthday Party, Part One


Remember how I said in my last post that I have a lot of catching up to do to make up for the time I was sick during the first part of my pregnancy? Well, hopefully, this will post with be the start of that. Let’s talk preparations for Zoey’s third birthday party.

She had told me a couple of months before her birthday that she wanted to have a mermaid-themed birthday party. And at first, I really wasn’t planning on going all crazy with the decorations and stuff. I thought that I’d just browse online to see what kind of mermaid decorations were out there and maybe take a little look-see at Nothing huge.

But somewhere along the way (I sort of blame it on, I kind of went a little crazy. I’ll admit it; I went loopy and decided that I was going to do all kinds of crafty craziness. Thankfully (sort of), I ran out of time for some of the ideas I had, but I was still able to make a rockin’ mermaid party.

Also, here was the first problem that kind of encouraged the crafting madness: everywhere I looked for mermaid decorations, all they had was The Little Mermaid stuff, which is great, but Zoey had not yet seen the movie. So, although she knew who Ariel was, she had no idea about Flounder and the rest of the gang. I didn’t want her whole party to be decorated in characters she didn’t know. And aside from, I couldn’t find any place with cute, sort-of generic mermaid decorations. So, I made my own.

First there were the invitations:

I’ll be honest, I saw some mermaid invitations on and I thought, ‘hey, I can do that.’ So, I made nineteen mermaids by hand—each part of the mermaid (her hair, her body, her tail, etc.) is a separate piece that I put together.

A quick look on made it easy for me to figure out how to make envelopes out of scrapbooking paper.

SO SIMPLE. Just take an already-made envelope of the size you need and carefully pull it apart at the seams. Then trace the envelope onto your scrapbook paper. Cut out the envelope shape from the scrapbook paper and carefully fold and glue along the seams to create an envelope.

After the invitations were done, I started on the cupcake toppers. Sixty-eight of them to be exact.

They are the same as the mermaids on the invitations, except they were hot glued to cupcake sticks (found at Joanne Fabrics).

For decorations, I got some inspiration from and made two of these:

 They were actually pretty easy to do. The vases I found relatively cheap at JoAnne Fabrics. Sand, ribbon, starfish and shells I found at Hobby Lobby. To put them together, it’s really just a matter of filling the vases with sand, covering the sand with shells and then using A hot glue gun to attach the ribbon And starfish to long cupcake sticks (found  at JoAnne Fabrics). I made both in about twenty minutes.

The morning of the party, I had a little bit of inspiration and created these utensil holders:

The jars are actually old Yankee Candle jars that Greg had washed out and saved after we were done using the candles a while Ago. I used a stamp and green and blue stamp pads to create the mermaid image on regular white scrapbooking paper a(press half of the stamp into one ink pad and the other half of the stamp into the other ink pad to create a two-color picture). Then I used leftover ribbon and starfish, along with my glue gun, to finish up the decorating.

I even bought a little treasure chest at Joanne Fabrics and let Zoey (with the help of her cousin, Keagan) color it with crayons. Then I crumpled up a piece of light blue tissue paper and added a few small shells, some beaded necklaces and a special birthday girl crown:

Of course, I used some store-bought decorations as well:

It took me a good month to work on all of the mermaids and about two to three weeks to work on the rest of the decorations. But it was worth it because Zoey seemed to love all of it.

Up next: Zoey’s birthday part, part two


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