Catching Up: Zoey’s Birthday Party, Part Two


Like last year, we had Zoey’s birthday party this year at Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house on Little York Lake so people could swim if they were so inclined. You know, mermaid/under-the-sea party theme…it just sort of works better next to water. The only problem was that for about a week before the party, the weatherman had been predicting a 30 to 40 percent chance of rain in the afternoon—smack dab in the middle of Zoey’s party.

Needless to say, I was a nervous nelly about the weather for a good week or so. Sure, if it had rained, we could have had the party inside, but I knew Zoey was looking forward to swimming and I had told all of her cousins to bring their swimsuits And OMG IT BETTER NOT RAIN.

Thankfully, when Zoey and I got to Emmett and Karen’s house to decorate, the sun was out and shining and it was hotter than ANYTHING.

Naturally, when the guests started to arrive, the kids headed straight for the water:

My niece, Skylar, was ASO AWESOME about taking Zoey in the water to swim:

It was so hot out that Zoey refused to take the time to put on a bathing suit and just jumped in the water with all of her regular clothes on.

Everyone ate lunch—hot dogs and hamburgers, salads, beans—Norma cook-out stuff. Then it was time for presents:

Naturally, Zoey had to take a few minutes out of opening her presents to feed her new baby doll:

After presents, we noticed that the sky was definitely getting darker and every once in A while, there was A soft burst of thunder. My sister, Colleen, and I carried all of the presents inside and ice cream and cupcakes were served:

The party started winding down, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because moments later, the clouds opened up and it POURED. It ended up being Greg, Zoey and I and my sisters and their families all crowded under the awning on Emmett and Karen’s deck.

The kids didn’t really care about the rain and they kept on playing:

It was an awesome party and we all had a great time. Thanks to Emmett and Karen for opening their home to us for a second year in a row. And look—even this guy showed up during the rain:


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