Pretty much everyone has seen the movie and knows what a bucket list is. I like the concept, but for some reason, I’ve never made one of those lists of my own–quite possibly because the name is pretty morbid, in my opinion. And frankly, I don’t want to make a list and then get to the end of my life and be bummed about all of the things I haven’t been able to cross off my list.

I recently came upon a book on by David Hoffman, called The Sand Bucket List, which is composed of different fun activities to do with your kids before they get to that age where hanging out with mom and dad isn’t cool anymore. I was so inspired by the idea that I started looking other parents’ lists via Google and I found that most lists are actually called ‘Sand Pail’ lists after an article in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.But those lists were all planning activities to do with kids over the summer. I was looking a little more for a year-round thing.

And then I happened upon the name ‘Before I Blink and Miss It List’ on and I automatically LOVED it. Thus, this list was born. Everything listed here are activities or places Greg and I want to experience with Zoey before she grows up and moves out of the house.

Spring Things

Create a flower garden

Create a veggie garden

Visit the zoo for a behind-the-scenes tour

Summer Things

Pick berries

Farmer’s Market

Play tic-tac-toe outside on lawn

Ride bikes

Go for ice cream

Mini golfing

Go on a picnic

Make chalk paint

Water balloon fight

Roast hot dogs over a fire


Horseback riding

Make smoothies

Make giant bubbles

Jump on a trampoline

Fall Things

Pick apples

Pick pumpkins

Carve jack o’ lanterns

Crafts with fallen leaves

Winter Things

Make a snowman

Snow angels

Go sledding

Anytime Things

Visit the MOST

Visit STRONG in Rochester

See The Fresh Beat Band live

Make moon sand


Make cookies together

Visit fire station

See a Broadway play

Make finger paints

Put nail polish on our nails

Make magnets

Play in the rain

Pajama day

Build a blanket fort in the living room

Make puppets

Make a pizza

Visit Build-a-Bear Workshop

Go to drive-thru at A&W (because Zoey LOVES hot dogs)

Go to a parade

See the Ice Capades

Paint rocks

Spend a whole day watching movies

Yearly Things

Go to the New York State Fair

Go to the Cortland County Jr. Fair

Go to Balloonfest

Go to Beak & Skiff

Big Things

Visit Disney World/MGM/Universal

Visit the ocean

Visit the Thousand Islands

Visit Sea World

Visit New York City

Take a Disney cruise

Swim with dolphins

Go on a whale watch

Visit Hershey Park


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  1. If at any point Zoey is unavailable or her schedule is all filled up, you can take me to do any one of those things!!! 🙂

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