I used to read all of the time. In fact, one year, I read over a hundred books (should we question whether or not I had a life during that time? Hmmm…). Since having a baby, finding time to read has been tough. And I miss it. I miss getting completely lost in a book and being just a little bummed when the book was finished because I might never see those characters again (again, the life question sort of comes into play). That being said, I am attempting to get back into reading. Because our schedule is so incredibly busy from the time we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, I’ve decided not to have ridiculous expectations of myself. All I want to accomplish is at least thirty minutes a day of reading. Doesn’t seem hard, right?

All of these links go t o my Good Reads account, where you can see all of the books I’ve read and my review for each. You can also reach my lists by clicking on the Good Reads icon on the home page of this here blog.

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  1. You know how I love my girl Jodi Picoult. Just finished her book “Lone Wolf”. You should probably read that – it’s a goodie. Did you ever read the last Harry Potter book? 😉

    • I never did read the last Harry Potter book, Miss Nag. But I could totally get into a new Jodi Picoult. Mom has me turned onto books about the Amish right now.

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