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Worst Kept Secret EVER!


I’m still here. I haven’t been blogging for the past couple of months because I’ve been spending my time attempting to find some energy and trying not to throw up. It has not been fun to be me. But what it comes down to is that we’re expecting! Yep, Zoey is going to be a big sister at the beginning of next year–due date being January 4th, 2014.

Greg and I were planning on waiting to tell everyone until I was past the danger zone for miscarriage (12 weeks) because we’ve been down that road before and it was awful. But we ended up telling a few family members and couple people at work and all of a sudden, pretty much everyone knew and it wasn’t much of a secret anymore.

We officially announced the pregnancy on Facebook (because it’s not real unless it’s on Facebook, right?) on the evening of June 25th–Miss Zoey’s 3rd birthday. So now everyone knows.

So, here’s the facts: Baby Lang is growing like a weed. The doctor actually moved up my due date from the 10th because he/she is growing so fast. So far, everything looks great; the baby is healthy, my baby bump is growing and THANK GOD FOR NAUSEA MEDICINE. Also, I discovered chewable prenatal vitamins that taste like gummy bears, so I’m a happy camper (because God knows I can’t swallow those huge torpedo-size pills).

I know I have lots of blog catching up to do, so bear with me. Posts might be sporadic right now just because my energy level is constantly wavering. But we’re still here and don’t worry, you’ll hear all about our shenanigans.


Thank You, Veterans


On this day, let’s celebrate the men and women who give up so much for all of us–and do so much for us–to protect our freedom and our way of life. Let’s thank them for their service, for leaving their families for long periods of time, for seeing the worst of the worst where humanity is concerned and for putting their lives on the line–all for a country of people, most of whom they’ll never meet. And let’s not forget that these same men and women need us most when they get back from service, when they try to adjust to life back here. Let’s not forget THEM. Because I can guarantee that they won’t forget the time they served to protect YOU.


Also, I urge everyone to visit this website to see the bare emotion these families face when their loved ones come home.

aaaaand We’re Back!


We finally got our laptop back (goodbye $149.00) and we’re so excited to be back online. But in normal Preble Road Crew style, lots happened while we were gone. Here’s a little list to get you updated:

1. Zoey had her first double ear infection, which meant lots of screaming and crying at the doctor’s office and a prescription for Amoxicillin (you know, the bubble gum-tasting medicine from your childhood? Yeah, that stuff).

2. We had our first snowfall of the season, which led to us losing our power for a couple of hours (which led to Greg and I almost losing our minds. A toddler without any type of electricity? Gah).

3. Zoey started saying the following words/phrases: yes, yeah, I do, what that, Deddy, oompa. She also sings ‘eiei’ when we’re singing about Old MacDonald.

4. Zoey had her fifteen-month appointment–30″ and just over 21 lbs.

5. I made a tutu (no, not for me). And there was sewing and crafty stuff involved. It turned out awesome.

6. I managed to NOT blog for what seemed like a couple of lifetimes. Well. We’ll just have to make up for that one.

So, we’re back and we’re planning on getting right into it. Because we’re already into November (can you believe it?), we’ll be starting 7 Days of Giving Thanks next Monday. I’m scrapping the rest of the 7 Days of Halloween Fun because it’s too late (way to ruin my bit, power cord that got jammed in our computer and needed to be fixed). You can check out all of the images and links I used for the 7 Days of Halloween Fun here. As for our regular weekly posts, they will resume as usual.

Technical Difficulties


Unfortunately, the Preble Road Crew has to take an unexpected break from sharing our adventures with you because we’re having computer problems (read: Zoey knocked over our laptop and something broke off inside when it hit the floor. Now it won’t charge). So. I promise we’ll be back ASAP and we’ll pick up with Halloween fun where we left off–given that it is, of course, still October. For November, we have 7 days of Giving Thanks scheduled to start on November 1st, depending on the state of our computer. Hopefully, we’ll be on track by then.  Hope to see you all later.

Exciting Upcoming Events


The Preble Road Crew is very EXCITED to announce that as we go into the holiday season, we’ll be making a few changes to this little dog-and-pony-show blog. Hopefully, these changes will make you want to join us more often and maybe even ‘like’ us on our rockin’ Facebook page (shameless plug, I know).

Here’s what we have planned so far:

First of all, our ‘Wednesday Props’ posts will be moving to Sunday in an effort to make room for our new weekly post, ‘Wordless Wednesdays’. Also, we’ll be starting a new post every Friday called, ‘Friday Funny’, to help get you in the mood for the weekend.

Second, each month we’ll have a special week in which we indulge in ‘7 Days of…’. That’s right, each month will have a different topic. This month’s 7 days will, of course, be all about Halloween. 7 Days of Halloween Fun will begin this coming Sunday and last through the following Saturday. Make sure to check back for more Halloween-inspired posts during that week.

We will, of course, continue with the regular posts about the chaos that is our home  and updates on the color of Zoey’s poop. Good stuff.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see on this blog (post topics, etc), let us know. We’re totally open to suggestions and comments.

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