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Wordless Wednesday: Wearing Grandma’s Hat





Wordless Wednesday (Sort Of): In Memory of Nana



This is Zoey’s Nana. She lost her battle with cancer in 2011 and all three of us–Greg, Zoey and I–have missed her every day since then. But we continue to honor her in any way we can.

On March 3rd, we are SO EXCITED that Greg, along with his cousins and a couple of friends, is going to be participating in his second St. Baldricks event at Kitty Hoynes in Syracuse. As Team Carol Freeland, the boys will be getting their heads shaved to support the fight against childhood cancer. Carol (Zoey’s Nana) would be so proud of them. I’M so proud of them.

So what I’m asking is that you find it in your heart to donate a little something to the cause. Donations can be anywhere from a dollar on and all you have to do is click HERE to be taken to Greg’s profile to donate. All proceeds go to childhood cancer research. All support is greatly appreciated.

As an added bonus, if you donate even a dollar, I’ll post your name on this here blog to give you props where props are due. Donator names will be listed as a thanks in the post I write about our experience at the event. And, of course, there will be lots of pictures.

This cause is incredibly near and dear to our hearts and any support the boys get from anyone will mean a lot.

The Preble Road Crew proudly states they have already donated to this amazing cause. Will you?

Go Team Carol Freeland!!!