Kaylee–our oldest dog (almost 17) and even thought Greg has to carry her upstairs to our room every night, she still plays with Scout and goes for twenty-minute walks in our yard and the cornfield beyond. She’s still got a lot of spunk and refuses to eat kibble unless it has some baby food or spaghetti sauce (or both) mixed in.

Update: Sadly, Kaylee passed away on 6/7/11 at the vet’s office. She was an amazing girl, who led an amazing life and we will never forget her. Love you Kaylee! You will always be in our hearts.

Brutus–showed up at my parent’s house one day and didn’t seem to want to leave. I talked to Greg about him (this was before we were living together) and the two instantly bonded when they met. Unfortunately, Brutus got hit by a car a couple winters ago and he now only has three legs. But you wouldn’t know because he’s definitely adapted–he runs around our yard like nobody’s business and he’s still able to jump up on our king-sized bed every morning to cuddle with Greg.


Scout–our baby. We adopted him when I was notified by a friend at work about a precocious dog that needed placement fast or he was going to be taken to the SPCA. She showed me a picture of Scout and I fell in love, as did Greg. We were told Scout was mainly black lab, but he clearly has pit bull in him as well. But before anyone gets all judgemental, let me just tell you that he’s the biggest baby in the entire world. He lets Zoey pull on his ears (she’s fascinated with ears right now) and when Greg or I yell at him for being crazy, he goes to the other one and hides between their legs. Plus, he insists upon sleeping cuddled up between the boyfriend and I every night. And if he’s tired before we go upstairs to bed, he simply climbs up on my lap and falls asleep. Yep. Pit bulls. They sure are monsters.


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