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Afternoon with Grampy Emmett and Grammy Karen (Last Weekend)


Because of issues I was having with WordPress and craziness going in our lives, I didn’t do very much blogging at all last week. All this means is that I now have a few stories to tell–that really need to be told before I get to stories from the last couple of days. So, bear with me.

Here we go:

Last weekend, Grammy Karen and Grampy Emmett invited Greg, Zoey and I to go to Bass Pro Shop in Auburn to pick out a new life vest for Zoey and then out to lunch.

For those of you not familiar with Bass Pro Shop, it’s basically like a Dicks Sporting Goods store on steriods. They have everything you could possibly need for every possible outdoor activity–from fishing to boating to grilling to anything else you can think of. The place is HUGE. But Zoey’s favorite part of the store? Definitely the huge fish tank:

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Our Easter Weekend, Part Two


If you haven’t read the first part of our Easter weekend, you might want to take a look here.

Let’s get right into it:

So, as I mentioned in the last post, the Easter Bunny had left a special basket full of goodies for Zoey at Aunt Kim’s house. She had already tried out the bubbles with her cousin Lisa at their house, but when we got back home, she was all about trying out the sidewalk chalk. Since the weather was actually cooperating for the first time in MONTHS, Greg, Zoey and I headed outside to play.

The sidewalk chalk was shaped like a piece of cake, a doughnut and a piece of pie.

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Our Easter Weekend, Part One


This weekend was packed with lots of fun and craziness. We were on the go almost constantly and by Sunday night, poor Zoey was just absolutely exhausted from all of the excitement.

Here’s how it started:

Saturday started out with swimming lessons, which Zoey LOVED. Her favorite part? Jumping off the side of the pool at the YWCA into Greg’s arms in the water. She would have done that for the entire class if we had let her.

Although she continues to be unsure about whether or not to like pool noodles, she really enjoys the singing games that we always do for half of the class after a couple of drills. And her teachers, Emily and Rachael? BEST teachers EVER. If we could hire them to be babysitters we would. Zoey adores them and even when she’s telling Greg and I that she doesn’t want to do something, Emily or Rachael just have to smile at her and she complies.

After swimming lessons, we took Zoey to lunch at MacDonalds–her special treat for being such a good girl in swimming lessons.

Then we went to the grocery store for a few things. Miss Zoey insisted on pushing the cart all by herself–which means her arms were extended all the way above her head so she could grip the handle of the cart. And yeah, she couldn’t see where she was going. I stood at the end of the cart and gently guided it around obstacles like shelves and people. When Zoey asked my why I was holding onto the cart, I told her that it was so I didn’t get lost (otherwise she would have tried to make me let go and then she would have run the cart into the nearest wall).

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We’re Famous! (Kinda)


Remember when I told you guys about participating in the Lupus walk with Zoey, my sisters, my nieces and my mom? If you don’t remember, click here for the whole story. Anyway, part of our experience this year was that the volunteers for the Lupus Alliance stopped my mom halfway through the walk and interviewed her. Lookee what my younger sister, Cristy, found on Youtube yesterday:

After the walk, when we were hanging out waiting for the raffles to begin, a woman from Syracuse Woman Magazine approached us, took a picture of our team and said we might just be in the next issue. Check out what I realized is on their Facebook page this morning:

There you have it. We’re awesome. The end.

The Lupus Walk 2013 In Pictures, Part Two


If you haven’t read the first part of our Lupus Walk 2013 adventure, check it out here.

Let’s get right to it:

So, after the kajillion pictures of the team and Zoey losing her mind over meeting the Build-A-Bear bear and consequently attempting to break into the Build-A-Bear store, we actually got some walking done:

L-R: Rowan, Zoey, Keagan and Cristy

The cousins

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