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Elf On the Shelf Day Eighteen – Twenty-Four


Ugh. Due to technical difficulties that we weren’t expecting, my posting of Elf pictures on here got seriously interrupted. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t still doing it every day. And now that we’re back online, I’m ready to share the rest of our EOtS ideas. Here we go:

Day Eighteen:

Mr. Finn was found playing with Zoey’s toy cars and the car ramp that her Grandpa Hoose made for her.

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Elf On the Shelf: Day 17


Apparently, Mr. Finn decided to have a house party. We found him sitting on top of a Christmas house decoration that we had gotten as a present last year.

Finn was holding Zoey’s kazoo thingy and a flashlight–we’re unsure if that was to call all of the toys to the party or because he was busy being the life of the party.

The snowman at the door was playing bouncer; the cars out front give the impression that it was quite a rockin’ party.

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Elf On the Shelf: Day Sixteen


Zoey wanted to play on her slide the other day in the middle of the living room. Apparently, Finn thought it looked like fun because the next morning we found him and Dora the Explorer sitting at the very top–ready to slide down.

Zoey really liked this one. When she came downstairs in the morning and saw Finn and Dora sitting on top of her slide, she showed Greg and then yelled out in the kitchen to me, “Mama!!” When I looked into the living room, she was standing right in front of the slide, pointing to the two dolls on top. Naturally, she helped them take their turn on the slide before she slid down a couple of times.

Elf On the Shelf: Day Fifteen


Yesterday, we found Finn decorating our mini Christmas tree (he doesn’t seem to be doing a great job, by the way):

Apparently, this wasn’t one of Zoey’s favorite placings. She didn’t seem too impressed at all.

Elf On the Shelf: Day Fourteen


On the fourteenth day, we found Finn sitting in a chair he made out of Zoey’s blocks. Some of her little toys were in a line next to the chair and there was a cat sitting Finn’s lap.

We realized that all of Zoey’s toys were telling Finn what they want for Christmas–so that he could go back and tell Santa whether or not they’ve been good.

This was a very impromptu idea, but it made Zoey smile.

Elf On the Shelf: Day Thirteen


Finn must have gotten inspired when Greg brought the Christmas tree in our house and set it up on a table. We found him the following morning hanging upside down in the tree. Apparently, he had started putting the lights and a few decorations on the tree, but then he fell and got stuck upside down.

I think Zoey was more interested in the fact that the tree was up and ready for us to decorate.