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Reason Five Gajillion Why I Love Greg


I’m so excited to be participating in Multitaskingmumma’s link up, “It’s What I Love About Him”. Check out other participants of the link up here. Hopefully, I’ll be participating in many more in the future. Without further ado, here we go:

There are a million reasons why I love Greg and it seems like every day I find a new one. He makes me laugh even when I’m intent on being grumpy, he’s the most awesome Daddy to our little girl, he loves his mama and he makes me coffee in the morning on weekends.

But probably one of the biggest reasons I love Greg is because he loves animals and will do anything to make sure they’re okay. Sometimes he’ll take a spider outside instead of killing it. He has to stop, talk to and pet every dog we see when we’re out and about. And on one memorable trip to Boldt Castle, some school kids found a snake in one of the little ponds around the castle–all of the adults–save my boyfriend–ran away from the pond. All of the kids ran towards it to see the snake–as did Greg, who was just as excited as they were.

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