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St. Baldricks 2013, Part One


First of all, let’s hear it for Team Carol Freeland, who raised $2,730 dollars for childhood cancer research!! Greg, Cory, Pete, Jason, Mike and Keith–your family and friends and this here dog-and-pony-show blog are incredibly proud of you boys.

Oh my gosh, St. Baldricks was SO much fun this year. Just the same as last year, we made it into a whole day thing and it was totally worth it. And don’t worry–as promised, I took lots of pictures.

So, let’s get right to it:

For a couple of days right before St. Baldricks, Greg and I were a little worried because we had arranged for Zoey to spend the day with her Aunt Kim and cousin Lisa at their house, but then Lisa got sick. So we weren’t sure if Zoey was going to be able to go there or if (because we had no other alternative) we’d have to take her with us to the event. Down the road, I’d love if she did go with us to support her Daddy, but right now she’s a sort of too little for all of that. Thankfully, though, Lisa was feeling better by Sunday, the day of St. Baldricks and we dropped Zoey off right before lunchtime.

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The Crew In Review: A Whole Week of Stories, Part One


This week has seemed to fly by, which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel like we were all just caught up in a whirlwind of events and craziness. And now that it’s slowly starting to settle down, I finally have a chance to take a deep breath and review what all happened. Lucky for you guy, right?

This past Saturday, Zoey had her third swimming lesson and it was anything but stellar. She was all about the kick boards this time, still on the fence about the pool noodles and she didn’t understand why they just couldn’t play ring around the rosy over and over again while in the pool (there is a portion of the lesson where they sing songs while bouncing around in a circle in the water). And even that much could have been enough to handle if she hadn’t also decided in the past week to test all boundaries LIKE A BOSS and start throwing multiple tantrums IN THE MIDDLE OF THE POOL AT THE YWCA OMG. We’re talking a wriggling toddler, who is also screaming (her other new thing that we’re trying to nip in the bud), and complaining that she wants to sing ring around the rosy NOW.


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First Week


I haven’t posted in the past few days because everything has been a whirlwind since about six o’clock this past Monday morning. So, as most of you know, I started my new job then and I’ve been caught up in training, learning, training, learning, asking questions, taking notes, training and learning. There has not been a day yet this week that I haven’t come home completely exhausted, my head full of everything I’ve learned so far for my new job. But I think I’m slowly getting it all and once I’m all trained and ready to go, I’ll feel a lot more comfortable.

In the meantime, Zoey seems to grow more and more every day I’m at work. Yesterday, she spent the day with Greg because my mom (her usual babysitter) was working at the polls in Tully. When I got home from work, Zoey yelled, “Mama!” She ran up to me as soon as I was in the door and started telling me all about her day. The thing is, up to that point, she had only told me about her day when I prompted her first with questions. But yesterday, she was FULL of stories, including the fact that Daddy let her have a little soda in a Big Girl Cup. She just rambled on and on and I listened with a big smile on my face because, oh, my baby is telling me about her day!

But she seemed like she had grown so much since I had left the house a little over eight hours before. How is that possible? How could I miss it?

On the plus side, I put TONS of pictures of Zoey and Greg all over my cubicle, so I don’t have to miss them too much during the day.

Our First Ever Trip to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market


Greg and I decided to go to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market yesterday. Actually, I’ve been wanting to check out that farmer’s market for a while, but haven’t had a chance. Then Greg asked me (innocently enough) if Ithaca had a farmers market and I started planning the trip.

I thought it would be a pretty simple family trip; Zoey had gone with us to the Syracuse farmer’s market a couple of times last year and seemed to be fine with riding in her stroller. I figured we’d be there for just a little while–not long enough for her to get bored. And we’d get some fresh fruits and veggies. What could possibly go wrong, right? Oh, silly, silly Cindy.

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On My Mind


Today, my momma is having surgery and I’m nervous. This happens every time someone I know goes in for any type of surgery, but it’s magnified times infinity when it’s my mom or dad because they’re in pretty good health and surgery or hospital stays, in general, are kind of rare for them. I mean, they’ve been there all of my life (obviously) and for something to go wrong and all of a sudden they aren’t there any more… I just get nervous, unlike my ultra-strong nurse sister, Colleen, who always has a clear head about such things.

Typically, when Mom or Dad have some sort of surgery or are in the hospital for one reason or another, I try to spend as much time as possible at the hospital with them. I guess it’s kind of like if something goes wrong (God forbid), I’ll already be there and not in transit. I mean, I live at least a half an hour away from the hospitals in Syracuse and if I got a call that Mom or Dad was there…Well, lets just say that a half an hour is a long time to be on the highway while anything could be happening at your destination.

Maybe this all seems quite paranoid. But my parents are both getting older and although their health is pretty good, I know that someday… You know what I mean.

My mom’s recovery time is about six weeks–she can’t lift anything for that length, which means no babysitting. Thus, it kind of worked out that I lost my job right before her surgery. Plus, it gives me time to take care of Mom (if needed) after Dad goes back to work next week.

So yeah.

I’m thinking about my mama today–and hoping that everything goes okay.


Ready? Aim. Fired.


I debated for a bit whether or not to even write about this because it’s kind of personal and maybe a little sad and for the most part, this blog contains happy stories about our family. But then I realized that 1. this is just another adventure for The Preble Road Crew, which means a whole new world of stuff to blog about and 2. other people go through this kind of stuff every day. Why not share my experiences? Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Plus, someday Zoey might want to read all of these posts and I want her to see that yeah, bad stuff happened, but our family still laughed, still danced, still PERSEVERED.

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