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The Crew In Review: A Whole Week of Stories, Part One


This week has seemed to fly by, which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel like we were all just caught up in a whirlwind of events and craziness. And now that it’s slowly starting to settle down, I finally have a chance to take a deep breath and review what all happened. Lucky for you guy, right?

This past Saturday, Zoey had her third swimming lesson and it was anything but stellar. She was all about the kick boards this time, still on the fence about the pool noodles and she didn’t understand why they just couldn’t play ring around the rosy over and over again while in the pool (there is a portion of the lesson where they sing songs while bouncing around in a circle in the water). And even that much could have been enough to handle if she hadn’t also decided in the past week to test all boundaries LIKE A BOSS and start throwing multiple tantrums IN THE MIDDLE OF THE POOL AT THE YWCA OMG. We’re talking a wriggling toddler, who is also screaming (her other new thing that we’re trying to nip in the bud), and complaining that she wants to sing ring around the rosy NOW.


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No Words


There are no words for the grief and sadness we all feel over what happened in Connecticut on Friday. Every time I try to think of the right thing to say about it on this dog-and-pony-show blog, I come up with nothing because there just are no words.

So, instead, here are a few of my thoughts–the thoughts of a now-scared first-time mommy to a little girl who will be on her way to kindergarten in a few years. The thoughts of an aunt, who has nieces in elementary school. The thoughts of a cousin and a friend, who knows other kids that age and parents who are also scared. And the thoughts of a person who just can’t get over the fact that those poor babies–because they were all babies–were taken away from their families for no good reason.

It makes my heart hurt.

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Seven Nights on the Couch


I’ve spent the past seven nights attempting to sleep on the couch–not because Greg and I are fighting or anything like that–I’ve just been having such bad coughing fits during the night that I’ve worried about waking him up. So, I’ve ended up on the couch with reruns of The Real Housewives of New Jersey playing at very low volume on the TV. Sometimes I was able to sleep for short spurts, but mostly I spent the time sucking on cough drops and mentally debating about the latest RHONJ feud. Read the rest of this entry

Ready? Aim. Fired.


I debated for a bit whether or not to even write about this because it’s kind of personal and maybe a little sad and for the most part, this blog contains happy stories about our family. But then I realized that 1. this is just another adventure for The Preble Road Crew, which means a whole new world of stuff to blog about and 2. other people go through this kind of stuff every day. Why not share my experiences? Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Plus, someday Zoey might want to read all of these posts and I want her to see that yeah, bad stuff happened, but our family still laughed, still danced, still PERSEVERED.

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I Was Told There’d Be Cake


I started writing this yesterday morning:

This weekend was INSANE and to be completely honest, it was so busy that there was barely time to relax and enjoy. It feels like the weekend went by in a blur and now it’s Monday morning and there’s at least six inches of SNOW on the ground and freezing rain making the roads incredibly slippery and the highway I usually take is closed due to flooding and I’m wearing my fat pants today and uh. Just one of those mornings that an incredibly fast weekend does not help.

So, Friday was really cool because after work, I got to meet up with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in over six months. We used to work together and after she moved onto another job, our schedules just didn’t mesh up to hang out until now. We got a drink at Mully’s bar in Syracuse and spent about two hours chatting about our families, our jobs (she has a job I would KILL for) and just life in general. Greg was home with Zoey, so this was actually one of the few solo adult times I’ve had without Zoey or Greg since Zoey was born. And let me tell you–it felt great.

Except for the fact that Greg called in the middle of it and said, “Don’t worry. I found Scout.”

What the what now?

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My Favorite Spam Comment EVER


I just got this spam comment and I had to share it because it made me giggle. I’m not sure if this person has confidence in me or not…

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Cheers to you too, Spammer. Cheers to you too.