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Catching Up: Zoey’s Birthday Party, Part Two


Like last year, we had Zoey’s birthday party this year at Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house on Little York Lake so people could swim if they were so inclined. You know, mermaid/under-the-sea party theme…it just sort of works better next to water. The only problem was that for about a week before the party, the weatherman had been predicting a 30 to 40 percent chance of rain in the afternoon—smack dab in the middle of Zoey’s party.

Needless to say, I was a nervous nelly about the weather for a good week or so. Sure, if it had rained, we could have had the party inside, but I knew Zoey was looking forward to swimming and I had told all of her cousins to bring their swimsuits And OMG IT BETTER NOT RAIN.

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Grandpa Hoose’s Surprise Birthday Cookout


Sooo, I’m a little late posting these pictures and all because we surprised Grandpa Hoose two weekends ago. Heh. But remember what I said in another recent post about recent craziness and not having time to blog and being behind and…okay, enough of the excuses.


A couple of weekends ago, my daddy turned, um, twenty-nine-ish and to celebrate, almost the entire family was able to surprise him with a cookout. How did we do it? Pretty simple–my mom had arranged for the family to show up at a certain time with food. In the meantime, she had mentioned to my dad that it seemed like a good day for a hot dog roast, so he got their fire pit ready. He didn’t realize that he was getting it ready for his own party. Sneaky, sneaky, right?

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Zoey Moments #39, #40 and #41



This past Friday, Zoey spent the day at my mom’s house while Greg and I were working. My mom decided to work a bit on potty training, even though Zoey’s interest in the matter tends to be lukewarm at best.

In an effort to encourage Zoey, my mom told her that if she went poop on the big-girl potty, she would give her some ice cream as a treat.

Zoey’s immediate response?

“If you give me ice cream now, it would make my mommy happy.”

Note: she DID end up going poop on the big-girl potty later on that day.

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Afternoon with Grampy Emmett and Grammy Karen (Last Weekend)


Because of issues I was having with WordPress and craziness going in our lives, I didn’t do very much blogging at all last week. All this means is that I now have a few stories to tell–that really need to be told before I get to stories from the last couple of days. So, bear with me.

Here we go:

Last weekend, Grammy Karen and Grampy Emmett invited Greg, Zoey and I to go to Bass Pro Shop in Auburn to pick out a new life vest for Zoey and then out to lunch.

For those of you not familiar with Bass Pro Shop, it’s basically like a Dicks Sporting Goods store on steriods. They have everything you could possibly need for every possible outdoor activity–from fishing to boating to grilling to anything else you can think of. The place is HUGE. But Zoey’s favorite part of the store? Definitely the huge fish tank:

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Our Day (OMG)


Our day:

We went to swimming lessons, which consisted of Zoey screaming the entire time that she wanted to jump off the side of the pool into Greg’s waiting arms. And then for the last five minutes, when it was free time, she actually got to do the jumping which put a smile on her face for the first time in the who thirty-minute class (btw super-huge props to her teachers Emily and Eliza for trying to help Greg and I get her interested in actually being a part of the class. And super-super huge props to Emily for listening to me say, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s up with her today,” and saying with a shrug, “That’s okay. We all have an off day.” Greg and I really wish she was available to babysit because she is AWESOME).

Then we went to MacDonalds where even though Aunt Kim made a surprise visit (which was really cool, btw, and made Zoey’s day), Zoey still managed to smear a bunch of her barbecue sauce on my sweater sleeve.

When we got home, I insisted on Zoey taking a nap. I shouldn’t have. Girlfriend went crazy when she woke up. Observe:

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Our Easter Weekend, Part Three


Want to start at the beginning of our adventure? Read part one here and part two here.

Easter morning, Zoey woke up excited because she knew the Easter Bunny was supposed to have left her a basket full of goodies. Greg and I brought her downstairs and found her Easter basket sitting right in the middle of the kitchen table (maybe in future years the Easter Bunny will hide it, but he made it easy this year).

She was very excited about the stuffed animal, which just happens to look like the chick on her new favorite show, The Chica Show:

So, naturally, her new friend’s name is Chica.

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