The Preble Road Crew is growing and would like to review products for our readers. Because this blog focuses on parenting and family, our primary review interests lie in the same area. Please keep the following keywords in mind when deciding if your product is ideal for a review on our site: family, family time, motherhood, parenting, kids (of all ages), pets (primarily dogs and cats) and preserving memories. If your product relates to one of these keywords, please feel free to e-mail me at

What we need:

-A sample of the product is only necessary if we have never used or accessed your product before. If we are currently a fan of your product, we can simply write the review based on our experience. If we have never used or accessed your product before, we will need a sample or information on the type of product it is. Remember, if we can see/touch/taste/hear your product, the review will include more information that might be valuable to our readers.

-Any PR information that you feel might be beneficial to have when reviewing your product. This can include company background, similar products, Facebook/Twitter/blog information for the company/product. Remember, the more information we receive with the product, the more detailed the review will be.

What you’ll get:

-The Preble Road Crew guarantees that each review will be handled with professionalism and honesty*.

-The review will be posted on The Preble Road Crew blog, as well as the following other places on the Web:–my own private account and The Preble Road Crew page

-The product contact will receive an e-mail once the review goes live.

What we will not review:

The Preble Road Crew will not review products that are discriminatory, in any fashion, against sex, race, religion or creed.

*The Preble Road Crew writes reviews solely for the consumer. We reserve the right to write honest reviews about all products, including those that we did not care for. We guarantee that we will never simply ‘trash’ a product in a review. If for some reason, the product did not work for us, we will explain why it did not work and also include for our readers that just because it did not work for us does not mean it will not work for everyone. The Preble Road Crew values all review opportunities, but we also value our integrity.


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