That’s Greg, A.K.A. the fiance and Zoey’s Daddy. He likes Heinekin, NASCAR and Jimmy Buffett. He’s the love of my life and I just adore the fact that he can make me laugh even when I’m grumpy. He’s really into photography and animals–to the point that I sometimes call him Noah–and he’d probably adopt every animal we see if we had the money and space. He’s a genius in the kitchen and is the best pretend airplane and car noise-maker that I know (Zoey loves this).

I’m Cindy, A.K.A Mommy. I like writing, scrapbooking, ice cream and being a mom. Zoey and Greg are everything to me. I currently work in medical records at a chemical dependency treatment center in Upstate New York. I’m a very strong believer that pit bulls get a bad rap and that Kate Gosselin is pretty much the devil. Also, panty hose is stupid.

 This is Zoey, A.K.A. Miss Z and Peanut. She enjoys playing with her toys, eating whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating and getting into anything she knows she’s not supposed to be into. She’s amazing and smart and beautiful and we just adore her. She loves music and watching ‘Strawberry Shortcake’–and is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. She will totally complain to management if her meals are not on time and to her liking (which means macaroni and cheese and hot dogs–AND NOTHING ELSE). Also, she will try her hardest to sneak soda out of the fridge when no one is looking, ask Daddy when Mommy says no and, occasionally, run across the room butt naked.


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