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Dear Zoey (On Your Second Birthday),


You’re asleep right next to my on Daddy’s and my bed. It’s naptime and even though you fought it, you finally did give in and now you’re snuggled up to your Elmo blanket (your favorite) and you’re clutching your sippee cup full of juice; your ever-present binky is tucked between your lips.

I know when you wake up you’re going to be full of joy and wonderment and a little bit of trouble–just like you are every day. You’ll want to play with the new toys you got yesterday at your birthday party, eat leftover cake for lunch and watch endless episodes of SpongeBob and Fresh Beat Band. And when Daddy gets home today, you’ll want to open your presents from Mommy and Daddy.

I know all of this, but right now, I’m enjoying just watching you sleep and thinking back to when you were born two years ago. You were so tiny when they laid you on my chest for the first time, but in that moment, Daddy and I fell completely in love with you.

I can’t believe the time has passed this quickly–even though lots of people warned Mommy and Daddy that it would. Sometimes I wish for the little baby who was content to cuddle all day, but really, I’ll am so overboard in love with the little girl you’ve become. You’re so amazing in every way and each day that you grow and learn, Daddy and I love you a little more. You’re wonderful, smart, beautiful, caring and just plain awesome.

Daddy and I love you so much, Peanut.

For the sake of preserving memories, here’s a bit about you right now:

You LOVE macaroni and cheese (preferably the Stouffers kind), hot dogs and Oreo cookies

You’re starting to use a Big Girl cup and doing really well with it

You eat 5x sharp cheese and blue cheese like it’s nothing

You LOVE Fresh Beat Band and SpongeBob Squarepants. You sing along (and know the dances) to the Fresh Beat Band songs and insist on listening to their CD in the car and when you’re taking a bath or shower

You call horses ‘yeehaws’ andyour friend Charlie ‘Char Char’

You like swimming at Grampy Emmett and Grammy Karen’s house and riding in the wagon at Grandpa and Grandma Hoose’s house

You get excited when you realize we’re on the road close to home

You’re turning into a daddy’s girl and prefer that both Mommy and Daddy lay down with you for naps and at bedtime

You love reading books

Every day you pick up a bag and say you’re going to go to Grandma Hoose’s house. You also pretend to call her a lot.’

You beam when we praise you for learning how to do something

You make the world a better place just by being you


You are so loved, Miss Zoey Grace, and that will never chance. So today, on your birthday, I wish you the best day possible. And I hope in your sleep right now you’re having good dreams.

Happy birthday, my wonderful girl.




P.S.–Like I said last year: Ignore Mommy if you catch her tearing up today. She’s just so incredible happy and probably she’s got something in her eye.


Dear Mother Nature,


Please make up your mind. Should it be sunny and warm, as it was yesterday? Or should it be snowing to pretty much white-out conditions as it was a little while ago today? It’s confusing to have all kinds of weather over the span of two days. We at The Preble Road Crew do not care for your theatrics and ask that you please simmer down now.



Dear Zoey’s Tooth,


This is my plea: Please, please, please just pop through and let my poor baby feel better. The low-grade fevers, the crankiness, the insomnia–I can’t take watching her suffer too much longer.  And frankly, I WANT A FULL-NIGHT’S SLEEP AGAIN. It’s been at least four nights since Zoey slept with no problem–in her own bed. Greg and I would really, really, really like to get back to that. So please, pop through and let us all go back to sleep.



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Dear Stupid Spammer,


I just got the following comment from you on my website:

 Submitted on 2011/11/23 at 4:31 am

I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding.  thanks

Did you even notice that the post you had commented on was actually about my mother-in-law dying of cancer??? And you ‘have a problem with the overall premise of my article’? What is wrong with you? How dare you try to cheapen the post I wrote about grieving for a family member with your waste-of-time spam. It’s disgusting and horrible. And you know what else? Fuck you.

 Cindy Hoose


This e-mail was sent in response to the above spamming. Feel free to NOT go to bestairplanesimulatorgames.net because apparently, they have no problem hiring idiots to spam any and every blogger they can find. Also, feel free to send e-mail messages to this moron (phoebeiop77@gmail.com), who not only is the spammer in question, but who was also stupid enough to leave an e-mail address.

P.S.–Sorry I swore, Mom.



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Dear Flickr.com,


You’ve got quite a racket going on over on your site, you know that? You lure people in with the promise of free storage for their pictures and you make editing photos so very easy. No one can blame the innocent mommy blogger who gets caught up in the hype and starts uploading photos of her cute kid like a crazy woman. It’s free, right? And she can happily direct her readers to your site to view her photos. No problem.

But there IS a problem–one that you don’t mention when mommy bloggers such as myself sign up for Flickr. Upload up to 200 pictures and all of a sudden I need to pay to upgrade? Wait, what? I thought this was supposed to be a free site. Well. Turns out I could just start a Facebook page for my blog and upload as many pictures as I want there. FOR FREE. Granted, Facebook now owns my soul, but you know…. Anyway, I have cancelled my account through Flickr because I am not entirely happy with having to pay to post my pictures on a site that states storage is free unless you go above 200 pictures. Not worth the hassle or the money.



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