5/25/11–11 months today! Also, she decided she no longer likes baby oatmeal. Just as well since she’s totally on table food now.

5/23/11–First tantrum (due to me not letting her play withe the TV remote control) ; new bedtime routing started with teeth brushing, stories and fluoride drops

5/22/11–First time enjoying a boat ride

5/17/11–Tried chocolate rice crispies for the first time for breakfast; tried cheerios and ritz crackers for snacks for the first time (loved all of them!)

5/6/11 (approx)–Started showing interest in pulling herself up to her knees on things.

5/8/11–Tried scrambled eggs for the first time (loved them!), first trip to the zoo (not impressed with it)

5/7/11–Tried chocolate powder in whole milk for the first time (loved it!)

5/4/11–Tried strawberry powder in whole milk for the first time (loved it!)

4/30/11–Tried whole milk in a sippee cup for the first time (not impressed with it)

4/29/11–Started insisting on feeding herself

4/27/11–19 lbs., 6 oz. and 28″ per doctor’s appointment

4/25/11–10 months today!

4/24/11–started picking up food off tray with intention of eating it (instead of throwing on the floor)

4/14/11–Pretty much entirely on table food with the exception of a jar of fruit for breakfast

4/12/11–Diagnosed with pink eye.

3/25/11–9 months today!

3/23/11–First tooth popped through top gum.

3/11/11–Started eating Mum-Mums (baby snack).

3/6/11–Acknowledged ‘Da’ when asked where he was.

3/5/11–Started drinking juice.

2/25/11–8 months today!

2/15/11–Started stage 3 baby food.

2/14/11–Rolled over from back to front.

1/31/11–First two teeth popped through her bottom gums.

1/27/11–Tried sippee cup for the first time.

1/25/11–7 months today!

1/18/11–Started 3 meals a day (cereal and a fruit for breakfast and a balanced meal for lunch and supper)

1/17/11–17 lbs., 8 oz.

1/16/11–Started having baby meat (in jar) with supper

1/15/11 (approx.)–Started actual meal for supper (starch and veggie)

12/31/10 (approx.)–Started cereal twice a day-once in A.M. and once in P.M.

12/28/11–16 lbs., 7.1 oz., 26″

12/25/10–6 months today!

11/26/10–Second try with crib.

11/25/10–5 months today!

11/1/10-Started cereal and fruit in A.M. for one meal, 14 lbs., 9 o z., 25″, rolled over 3 times from stomach to back

10/31/10–Started teething.

10/25/10–4 months today!

9/25/10–3 months today!

9/18/10–used Bumbo for first time

9/5/10–first attempt at sleeping in the crib

8/30/10 (by now)–Sleeps through night, holds head up on her own more, starting to talk in baby babble

8/25/10–2 months today!

8/20/10–out to dinner for first time (for Mommy’s birthday!)

8/18/10–10 lbs., 9 oz., 25″

8/14/10–First cold

7/25/10–1 month today!

6/30/11–6 lbs., 12 oz., 19″

6/25/10–Born today!!!!


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