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Zoey Moments #37 and #38 (Sort Of)


File this under ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’:

Last week, after I had picked Zoey up from my mom’s house, I pulled the Mommy Mobile into our driveway and Zoey and I spotted Brutus (our black lab) laying on our porch. Naturally, as soon as Brutus eyed my truck, he started barking like crazy.

This is what I heard from the backseat: “There’s Brutus barking like an ass. He’s so silly.”

My jaw dropped.

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Zoey Moment #36


The other night, Zoey was having a hard time sleeping, so she ended up in our bed between Greg and I.

Typically, when I carry her into our room in the middle of the night, I always lay her down on one side of my pillow–so that I can lay down on the other side of the pillow. So we can SHARE it, right? But she ALWAYS moves over so that she’s in the middle of the pillow–and I’m always left with only a few inches of pillow and bed space.

Same thing happened the other night. I laid her down and while I was trying to wrestle the blanket out from underneath Scout (who insists on sleeping on our bed every night), Zoey moved over to the middle of the pillow. So, when I laid down, I gently moved her back to the side of the pillow.

Her response?

“Heh. You have big butt.”

At 3:30 in the morning, my daughter decided to inform me of this. Across the bed, I heard Greg snicker.

Happy Birthday To Us!


Two years ago, I took a chance and started blogging. Two years ago, I started writing about our experiences as first-time parents to a beautiful baby girl and the chaos of living with two cats and two dogs. Two years went by really, really fast (read: stop growing up, Zoey Grace).

So, what did we do this past weekend, our birthday weekend? Greg and I took Zoey to family swim at the YWCA, we watched Zoey’s new favorite show, Wipeout, I crocheted a bit and we all took a nap–you know, a typical Saturday and Sunday. It was partly because I forgot this was our birthday weekend, but also because I think the best way to celebrate something like this is spending time with the awesome people who make up this blog and make me a better person.

I love you, Gregory James and Zoey Grace–my two favorite people in the whole world. Thank you for encouraging me and helping me to create memories and, therefore, stories for this here dog-and-pony-show blog.

And thanks to all of the readers, who have hung in there and supported us with comments, likes and follows. We hope you stick around and enjoy our adventures.

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Superhero Marks


Last night, Greg gave me a hug and told me he loves me.

Just jokingly, I asked, “Even with the stretch marks on my belly (from being pregnant)?”

Zoey, who was across the room, looked up from what she was doing and said, “Superhero marks.”

I paused a second, not really believing what I was hearing. She’s two and a half; she has no concept of superheroes.

“Superhero marks?” I asked. “Mommy has superhero marks?”

She nodded and went back to what she was doing.

Our little girl never ceases to amaze me.

St. Baldricks 2013, Part Two


If you missed the first part of our St. Baldricks adventure, check it out here.

Okay, let’s get right to it:

When we left off, the team was heading to Kitty Hoynes to take part in the St. Baldricks event there. This is the view of Kitty Hoynes (on the corner) from the parking garage across the road:

Looks like a quiet, Sunday afternoon at the bar, right? Take a look at what it was like INSIDE Kitty Hoynes:

Wall-to-wall people, holy moly. You couldn’t walk one step without running into someone. It was CRAZY. The boys signed in and then we slowly made our way towards the stage (see where the people are shaving hair towards the middle of the picture?) and hung out there until it was our turn.

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The Crew In Review: A Whole Week of Stories, Part Two


If you didn’t read the first part of our week of stories, you can check it out here.

Let’s get right to it:

This past Tuesday, Greg took my car to the garage to get an oil change and an inspection. This meant that he had to drop Zoey off at my mom’s house in the morning and then take me to work. Zoey thought it was just SO AWESOME that both Daddy and Mommy took her to Grandma Hoose’s house for the day because Mommy even sat in the backseat with her on the way there.

When we got to Mom’s house, Zoey popped her binky out of her mouth and said, “Mommy hold beebee.” I asked her if she wanted me to hold onto it for the day and she nodded. So, I told her I’d keep it in my pocket until we picked her up that night. And let me tell you–every time I happened to reach into my coat pocket during the day at work and felt that binky, my heart warmed.

She’s getting a little better about letting go of her binky. She doesn’t use it during the day at Mom’s house and typically, she only wants it at home when she’s about to go to sleep or she’s upset. We’re working on that.


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